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on 01/05/2018
"Trialfacts was looking for an Advertising Manager to join our growing remote team. We advertised in all the places we normally do: WeWorkRemotely, EscapeTheCity, FlexJobs, and we also decided to try Dynamite Jobs. We ended up hiring two excellent individuals, one of which came through DynamiteJobs. We will definitely be advertising our positions here going forward."
-Nick Karrasch, Trialfacts
We're bringing together remote job opportunities for people who want to change their lives. The jobs presented on the site are all opportunities on distributed teams, and put a strong emphasis on learning, mentorship and developing real professional skills. The ‘job seeking’ nature has been a big part of the TMBA podcast brand since day one. Way back in 2009, we wrote about “testing a next generation hiring model," and remember being elated at how by removing imprecise filters like degrees, and asking candidates to show their enthusiasm for the position by showing us what they’ve already done, we had received the best set of job applicants we'd ever seen. We get that crafting a great job ad that attracts A-level players takes a lot of work and time to create. There’s before you spend any time getting the word out and marketing your job on the myriad of job boards at there. Our approach is designed to help bootstrapped internet businesses save time and hire great people.  So far, it is working. Here’s what a few people had to say after hiring someone they found on this site.
"We needed a marketer with a modern approach and experience in productized services. The best candidate, and the one we hired, came from Dynamite Jobs."
 -Shane Redlick, Excel Rescue
"I was looking to hire a couple of Vetting Specialists and was consistently impressed with the quality of applications I received. The candidates that came via Dynamite Jobs were bright, knowledgeable, and a great fit for our criteria. We've been able to expand our team and I'm certain that the new guys will do great things for the company!"
-Andy Allaway, Empire Flippers Operations Director.
"From helping me craft a stellar job description to helping spread the word, Dynamite Jobs turned out to be an invaluable resource in helping us hire our first official employee. Thank you!"
-Mike Ziarko, No More Chores Founder
"Before trying Dynamite Jobs, we had almost given up on the whole idea of job posts. We were so burned out on the deluge of low quality applications that we were just cold emailing anyone that we could find on LinkedIn who looked like they were qualified. The Dynamite Jobs team helped us to craft a killer job posting that was far superior to anything we could have put together on our own. We ended up with so many highly qualified candidates that we were tempted to create additional positions! We're definitely keeping these resumes on file, and hoping that we get a chance to work with some of these applicants in the future."  
-Trever Clark, Agency Analytics, Customer Success.
"Posting our opening in DC Jobs was a great idea. Not only did they help us craft a very compelling job description, but also the quality of the candidates we received was excellent. Will use again 100%." 
-Daniel Martin, Security Roots, Founder
"When it was time to make my next hire, I didn't even bother posting on other job boards - I had a feeling that the people applying through Dynamite Jobs would be great. Sure enough, I ended up with 3 finalists and wanted to hire all of them!" 
-Allen Walton, Spy Guy, Founder
All of the jobs on this site are vetted by our team and are unique, engaging and longer-term opportunities. The types of jobs you’ll find on this site are “marketing,” “operations,” and “customer support." The vast majority of the jobs on the site are remote full-time positions meaning you’ll be a part of a distributed team and can work from pretty much anywhere you have WiFi from your home office, a coworking space, a hammock or your favorite coffee shop. Many of the jobs even report directly to the founder or CEO. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a couple of job seekers had to say -
Kahlid S. - “I just saw the remote position at Trialfacts from Dynamite Jobs and wanted to thank you for letting me know. This sort of position is exactly what I was looking for as I am an online marketer, medical doctor with clinical research experience and want to be location independent ;) What I like about your job-ad is that it is not the typical "programmer" or "SEO" position.”
Jason L - "Thanks to Dynamite Jobs, I'll be starting with Empire Flippers in a few weeks."
Britt N.  -  "I've been subscribed to this jobs list pretty much since you launched it and I'm really impressed by the jobs that get posted."

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