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Professionals in the field of account management can keenly manage relationships with customers by being actively aware of their needs, concerns, and introducing new ways to make their lives easier. This requires business acumen to keep you aware of new areas of growth and ways to expand the relationship with customers. Strong communication skills, high emotional intelligence, and the ability to track customer metrics is crucial to positions in this field.

Daily interaction is required when working with customer accounts. To best manage accounts, professionals have a high degree of proactivity to anticipate new needs, avoid problems, and mitigate any risk or issues that could could come between the customer and the company. Experience with sales, previous account management, or in customer support is valued for roles in account management. Knowledge of your company’s industry will provide useful insights into market conditions and allow you to better know your customers and how to solve their needs and be aware of common problems.

Types of Jobs

  • Account Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Account Support
  • Project Manager
Experience Average Salary
Entry Level $45,430
1 – 3 Years $49,439
4 – 6 Years $58,001
7 – 9 Years $63,241
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