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Customer Support Jobs

Many business professionals will argue that a company lives or dies by its customer support. Often times this is the only personal communication a customer has with a company and this first (and possibly only) interaction is crucial. Professionals working within customer support must be patient, have a high degree of emotional intelligence, and excellent listening skills. Customer support roles are the point of contact between a customer and a company that could provide the opportunity for a long lasting, loyal, and high revenue relationship.

Working in customer support requires a lot of time spent communicating directly with clients via the phone or online chat to ensure your company’s product or service can continue to solve their problems. Sometimes working with a customer can take days or even weeks of back and forth communication. This requires patience, articulation, a strong understanding of the customer’s problems and needs, as well as expertise in your company’s services or products. Experience working in a call center or is valuable when seeking a role in customer support. Proficiency in multiple languages is also a benefit.

Types of Jobs

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Account Support
  • Technical Support
Experience Average Salary
Entry Level $33,626
1 – 3 Years $34,653
4 – 6 Years $36,002
7 – 9 Years $37, 193