Let’s Make a Match

Dynamite Jobs Was Made for DCers

It is our job to connect you with the candidate you’re looking for. We have:

  • 20,000+ people in our audience
  • 5,000+ applications gathered and reviewed

Let’s find the best way to connect you with the right person.

Select an option that best fits your needs:

  1. List of pre-screened candidates
    Do you know exactly who you need? We’ll send you a list of candidates based on your needs.
  2. Promote your job post
    Already have a job listing and want more candidates? We’ll put the job on our site and invite our massive audience of candidates to apply.
  3. Need help but not sure exactly who you need?
    Are you a founder and need to replace yourself? Are you trying to create a hybrid position? Are you looking for an apprentice? We’ll help you write the job post and invite our candidates to apply so we can best connect you with the right person in our audience.

What kinds of jobs are we helping DCers fill? All kinds!

  • Customer Support, Operations, Marketing, Developer, Data Analysis, Project Management, Account Management, Administrative and HR Positions from entry-level up to C-Suite Positions.
  • Full and part-time positions
  • Apprenticeships, internships

Still unsure we can help? Send Alex an email and he’ll help you out: alexander@dynamitejobs.co

*This service is included with your DC membership.*