Dynamite Jobs Policy

on 05/25/2018

Employers Must Demonstrate Skin in the Game and Take a Risk on Behalf of Employees

You might be surprised how often founders use job boards as a place to post risk-free propositions for others to join their team. We do not allow this at Dynamite Jobs.

Formulations often aren’t so different from what a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) firm would use to recruit team members. They look like this: “I’ll teach you everything we know about selling x product, and we’ll assist you in doing so. When you start seeing results, you can have y percentage of the profits ongoing.”

We do not allow Dynamite Jobs to be used as a platform for opportunists simply because we believe risk should be shared between employee and employer. Therefore, if you wish to compensate team members with a percentage of sales made, then the proper formulation would be to offer a base salary until percentage of profits from the proposed partnership covers the base salary, therefore the initial claim of future profits being backed up by skin in the game.