Your Dream Job Doesn’t Need to Stay a Dream

We believe the future of work is remote.

Work no longer has to happen in a cubicle in an uninspiring commercial building in the middle of downtown from 9am – 5pm that you have to “commute to” each day.

The new remote workforce is more nimble and mobile. These are the people grinding away every day marketing new features, running ad campaigns, building out processes to keep the team running smoother, building new features, troubleshooting issues with the software, and keeping customers happy.

Until now, there’s never been a central repository where all of these remote work opportunities can live.

Even worse, these jobs today get mixed in with jobs at traditional companies that view “remote work” as simply a “nice-to-have perk.”

There’s a giant difference between working on a team where at least 50% works remotely and working remotely one or two days a week.

At Dynamite Jobs, we’re on a mission to change that by ensuring that you never miss out on another great remote job again. We aggregate and share the best remote jobs from more than 300 sources every week including company websites, social media groups, job sites, newsletters, and even direct emails with hiring managers.

While our journey is just beginning, we’ve already amassed a community of 10,000+ jobseekers dedicated to mastering their craft and learning the ins and outs of Internet businesses in less than a year.

What kinds of jobs will you find on Dynamite Jobs?

  • Jobs from companies with less than 150 employees. We focus on small businesses and startups, giving team members direct access to the management team or the founder(s) of the company.
  • Companies where more than 50% of their team works remotely.
  • Full and Part-Time Remote Positions
  • Customer Support, Operations, Marketing, Project Management, Account Management, Administrative and HR Positions from entry-level up to C-Suite Positions.

What You Won’t Find On Dynamite Jobs?

  • Multi-Level Marketing Gigs (MLMs)
  • “Opportunist” job posts that are 100% commission-based.
  • Unpaid internships
  • No jobs from companies in shady or unethical industries.
  • Traditional in-office roles that present themselves as “remote-friendly,” but aren’t actually remote roles. Some companies offer “Work from home Fridays,” or other limited flexibility schemes in order to classify their jobs as remote, we don’t present these jobs.

How We Select Jobs

  • We serve Internet-based businesses and focus heavily on marketing, customer support and operations roles. 
  • Most of our jobs come from businesses with smaller teams, i.e, less than 150. We’ll indicate when a job offers a direct contact to the founder or CEO.
  • Must be part-time or full-time with clear requirements. No temporary, freelance gigs.  
  • Must be a remote position.
  • Occasionally we’ll post a job with stricter location requirements provided we feel it’s relevant and interesting to the Dynamite Jobs community. An example might be a gig at an exciting startup with a large remote team, but the job requires that the candidate work out of their HQ during training or a few days every month. 
  • We share more details about each role as “highlights” at the top of every job post on the site.
    • ✈️ Digital Nomad Friendly ✈️  – These are jobs that allow you to work from anywhere.
    • 🇺🇸Anywhere in the U.S.🇺🇸 – Jobs that require you to live in the U.S. and work mainly during U.S. business hours.
    • 👪 Family-Friendly 👪  – Jobs that have excellent benefits for families (ex: strong maternity/paternity leave policies, flexible schedules, etc)
    • 💲Competitive Salary and Perks💲- Jobs with above average salary and/or benefit packages
    • 😁 Work with fellow Dynamite Jobs subscribers 😁 – Work for a company that has hired people from our site.
    • 🚀 High Growth Potential 🚀 – Exceptional career growth and advancement opportunities
    • 🔑 Report to Founder 🔑 – Work directly for a founder or cofounder.
    • Work for a DCer  – Work for a DCer’s company.
    • 🏝 Company Retreat🏝 – Companies that run one or more all-team retreats every year.
    • 💡 Entry-Level 💡- Jobs that require less than 3 years of experience.

How to land a remote job?

We truly believe that anyone can work remotely but it is A SKILL that you have to learn just like digital marketing or SEO. 

We hired our first remote team member way back in 2009. And have hired dozens of people since then. We’ve seen time and time again that the best remote workers- regardless on their expertise- all possess some – if not all – of the following traits.

They are self aware.
Self awareness is an ongoing process. It is about understanding your strengths, acknowledging your weaknesses and practicing humility when you realize you don’t know everything.

They are great communicators.
Communication is so important when it comes to working remotely. It is not just about telling people what you are working on and collaborating but it is also about speaking up and asking for help and your willingness to have uncomfortable conversations.

They are self motivated.
One of the best parts of remote work is that you have more control of when and how you do your work.

The flip side of that is you have to be self motivated and disciplined to actually get the work done and done well since you can’t rely on a manager to stand over your shoulder every minute of the day.

The best remote workers have systems in place to help them stay motivated and get shit done even on days when they’d rather be doing anything else.

Be a part of our journey and find your next remote job.

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