Why Are These Jobs The Best Remote Jobs?

Dynamite Jobs is the remote job board for serious job seekers. 

The Remote Work Revolution is Happening and We’re Leading the Charge

The world is changing. Work no longer has to happen in a cubicle in an uninspiring commercial building in the middle of downtown from 9am – 5pm that you have to “commute to” each day. More and more traditional location-dependent jobs can be done from wherever the worker sees fit.

This is bringing us a new remote workforce that is more nimble, mobile, and results-focused. The kind of work they are doing varies greatly and new opportunities are being created every day. They are marketing new features, running ad campaigns, building out processes to keep the team running smoother, building new features, troubleshooting issues with the software, and keeping customers happy.

We want to be the go-to place to help professionals find a remote career. We’re doing this by providing the best remote job opportunities.

Until now, there’s never been a central repository where all of these remote work opportunities can live. There are so many job boards with disappointing listings.

Dynamite Jobs has only paid, remote, and all actively hiring positions.

How Do We Have The Best Remote Jobs?

Dynamite Jobs lists more remote jobs than any other job board. We post more than 100 new jobs each and each job is open, 100% remote, and paid.

No more of this ”work from home three days a week” bull crap. These jobs today get mixed in with jobs at traditional companies that view “remote work” as simply a perk.

There’s a giant difference between working on a team where the entire team is working remotely and a team that has an office they must report to. With the jobs we post, working from home isn’t a “nice-to-have perk” of the job. Working remotely is a part of these companies’ cultures.

At Dynamite Jobs, we’re on a mission to change that by ensuring that you never miss out on another great remote job again.

We don’t post every single remote job that comes our way. The jobs must pass our requirements [link to requirements]. We also take the time to highlight what we consider to be the best remote positions. These are jobs with small and bootstrapped companies, there are career advancement and professional growth opportunities, reasonable flexibility with the hours, a seat at the table and working close to the founders, and a place you can grow your dreams – not just someone else’s.

We highlight these jobs in our Featured Remote Jobs section and through the highlights listed on the job.

stick of dynamite to show the best jobs Job listings with the dynamite stick are staff picks and what we consider some of the best remote opportunities. These are jobs with small companies, you’ll be working near the founder, and you’ll have high growth potential.

Check out the benefits for members of the Dynamite Circle! Jobs listings with the DCer logo are jobs with a company owned by a member of the Dynamite Circle (the DC). These are location-independent entrepreneurs who are a part of a private community for entrepreneurs. Read more about DC and its history here.

We want to be the place you find your next remote career.

While our journey is just beginning, we’ve already amassed a community of over 10,000 jobseekers and a database of over 5,000 resumes of active candidates. We’ve worked with over 400 remote companies and are focused on filled jobs as our number one metric.

What kinds of jobs will you find on Dynamite Jobs?

Pretty much any job that 100% remote, paid, and with a small to medium-size company. We focus on small, bootstrapped businesses and startups that give team members direct access to the management team or the founder(s) of the company. These jobs are full-time, part-time, and we also post some remote freelance gigs. Check out our homepage and use the filters to get in idea of the various remote job categories.

What You Won’t Find on Dynamite Jobs?

Anything that is not from an established company, 100% remote, and paid. Some examples are:

  • Multi-Level Marketing Gigs (MLMs)
  • Jobs with commission only pay. Our jobs must have a base salary.
  • Unpaid internships
  • Jobs from companies that aren’t established or proven yet.
  • No jobs from companies in shady or unethical industries.
  • Traditional in-office roles that present themselves as “remote-friendly,” but aren’t actually remote roles. Some companies offer “Work from home Fridays,” or other limited flexibility schemes in order to classify their jobs as remote, we don’t present these jobs.

What is the Highlights Section?

We use the highlights to show some key features of the job. These are features that might make the job great in our opinion or they are important features to let the candidates know about early on.

Here are some of the highlights with explanations:

  • 👪 Insurance 👪 – For jobs with health insurance, benefits, and or paid leave.
  • ✈️ Travel Required ✈️ – Some companies have on-site training or require attendance at some meetings or trade shows
  • 🏝 Company Retreats 🏝 – Many remote companies have team retreats once or twice a year for team building and some co-working
  • 🔑 Report to Founder 🔑 – Or the CEO or Owner. You’ll be working with them.
  • 🗣 Native English Speaker 🗣 – Must be a native-born speaker. Not all jobs require this.
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential 🚀 – This is for linchpin roles or jobs with small companies where you’ll be having a big impact on the companies growth as well as your own.
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the World 🗺 – All of the jobs we post are remote, but some are more remote than others. Some require candidates to be located in certain countries due to timezones.

Where did Dynamite Jobs come from?

Dynamite Jobs was started by the team behind the Tropical MBA podcast and the Dynamite Circle. They created Dynamite Jobs to help location-independent entrepreneurs and remote companies grow their teams. Read more of how it all started over a decade ago.

How to land a remote job?

We truly believe that anyone can work remotely but it is A SKILL that you have to learn just like digital marketing or SEO. 

We hired our first remote team member way back in 2009. And have hired dozens of people since then. We’ve seen time and time again that the best remote workers- regardless on their expertise- all possess some – if not all – of the following traits.

Keep these things in mind of who a remote worker is as you search for a remote job:

  • They are self-aware. Self-awareness is an ongoing process. It is about understanding your strengths, acknowledging your weaknesses and practicing humility when you realize you don’t know everything.
  • They are great communicators. Communication is so important when it comes to working remotely. It is not just about telling people what you are working on and collaborating but it is also about speaking up and asking for help and your willingness to have uncomfortable conversations.
  • They are self-motivated. One of the best parts of remote work is that you have more control of when and how you do your work. The flip side of that is you have to be self-motivated and disciplined to actually get the work done and done well since you can’t rely on a manager to stand over your shoulder every minute of the day. The best remote workers have systems in place to help them stay motivated and get shit done even on days when they’d rather be doing anything else.

Trying to get a remote job but not getting noticed? Are you entry-level or never had a remote job before? 

Do not send in general applications. Hiring managers can spot these from a mile away. Make sure your cover letters are written for the company and tell the company why you’re a great fit and is not a summary of your resume.

Make sure your resume is clear and presents your value. Look at your resume and read it as the hiring manager. Can they easily see how you have the skills and experiences to help them?

However, hiring is much more than just a job board and application. Get to know the company, the team, and the job. The best thing to do is to make yourself stand-out. Go above and beyond.

If you’ve never had a remote job or just starting your remote career, some things you can do are:

  • Start freelancing or do free work. Reach out to people you know who needs this help and do cold outreach. Show that you have a set of skills and can do it. Then you can add these experiences to your resume and when you reach out to companies you can say you’ve been doing the work successfully that they need. Reach out to local businesses or NGOs. Explain what you can do and how they’ll benefit. Start doing the work you want to be doing.
  • Apply to something that isn’t remote. Sometimes it’s best to get started anywhere you can, gain the experiences, then go to a remote company. Plus, you may love the office environment and your team! Remote work isn’t for everyone and it’s not always best.
  • Go above and beyond with your application. Reach out to the company and the employees. Learn about their needs and goals. Don’t talk about what it would be like to be on a remote team, discuss how their team would benefit from growing together.
  • Focus on entry-level, apprentice, and internship roles. Generally, if you apply to a role that requires certain experience, the candidate with the best experience, application, and salary expectation will get the role. Entry-level roles are extremely competitive though and can take awhile to get one. That is why it is critical to go above and beyond.

Finding a remote job takes time and is something that shouldn’t be rushed. You should want to take the time to find the right remote career with a company that values you. Keep in mind that remote work is not for everyone and is not necessarily the best solution. If you’ve never worked remotely, getting a job where you must work on your own can be extremely isolating and challenging. Remote work is also not about traveling. Remote workers work just as much as office workers. It’s true the have the freedom to travel, but the reality is not what is presented online from social media influencers.

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We’re happy to have you here and a part of our community.

Let’s find you your next remote job!