Remote Hiring Simplified

Dynamite Jobs is designed to make hiring your next star employee simple.

We do this by focusing solely on remote internet businesses. Our sweet spot is entry to mid-level marketing, business development, customer support and operations positions that are full or part-time.

Most of our customers are bootstrapped companies – ecommerce stores, software products, marketing services and the like – with products and services they’re proud of and a team culture that values time and schedule flexibility.

Because of this focus, the large community behind our site, and ten years of experience hiring for our own remote company, we’ve found ourselves as something of a matchmaker between companies and the talent they seek.

We can often predict the moment we see a position whether or not we can fill it within 30 days. If you choose to work with us, we’ll tell you straight-up if we can find the person you’re looking for.

If you can say yes to most of these questions, there is a good chance we know somebody that would be a great fit, both culturally and professionally.

  • Does your company employ less than 50 people?
  • Is your team fully remote or mostly remote?
  • Is the position ongoing full or part-time (i.e., not freelance or project based)?
  • Is the position something other than software development?
  • Do you consider some element of the job to be significant? The perks? The flexibility? The team? The product?

Since we started connecting entrepreneurs with remote team members, our email list has swelled to nearly 20,000, but we don’t rely on the “spray and pray” approach to job listings. Instead, we’ve cultivated a highly relevant community, a few thousand of whom have elected to be sorted into a detailed database that sorts for a variety of factors including professional experience, remote work experience, specific internet expertise, and cultural/mindset fit.

Our candidates tend to be brainy, creative, and well-versed in the culture shared by many bootstrapped internet companies. Our best candidates aren’t folks just looking to work from home, but professionals who have a demonstrated track record and interest in working for internet-based businesses.

When you choose to work with Dynamite Jobs, we proactively make introductions to candidates whom we feel would be a good fit. Many of the outstanding candidates we’ve interviewed on the phone to get a sense for the types of positions would be the best fit (sometimes, the best candidates were runners-up for another job, but it didn’t work out because of an issue not related to their job-worthiness). We keep in touch with them and hook our customers up with the best of these applicants.

We believe in our process so much that we guarantee that you’ll find a candidate worth hiring from our site, no need to use expensive recruiting services or post on multiple job boards.

Here is a little background on our hiring process including – our favorite interview questions to ask candidates as well as some red flags that we look for.  

When you become a customer, we’ll help you get your job posted. You can even call us at 512-489-0380 if you like. We’ll give you a login to our application tracking system, and you’ll start to see the candidates roll in.

Since the candidates have a pre-existing relationship with Dynamite Jobs, they’re much more likely to apply to your job. Moreover, since many of them have remote work experience, there is a good chance they’ll be the right fit.

We’ll select 1-3 candidates that you should interview for your open position.

If you’re looking to get started, the process is simple. We often have great people ready-at-hand. You can expect to make a hire within a few weeks.

How does it work?

  • 1. Make a deposit of $497 for each job position. We will return it if you don’t hire from Dynamite Jobs. Like with our match-making, we only want to work with companies who value what we’re bringing to the table.
  • 2. You’ll be prompted to send us your job ad. (We’ll help you improve and tailor for maximum results.). Or, we’ll ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire that will help us to get what’s unique about your company and the position you’ve created. We can also do this on the phone if you prefer.
  • 3. Login to your Dynamite Jobs account and watch the applications (and recommended candidates) roll in.

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"We needed to hire a Marketing Manager and we were blown away by the quality of applications we received. We wish we could have made room for several of the candidates. All the candidates had a great "pitch" on why they would be great for our remote position which made a world of difference just see communication style and culture fit. This was by far the best job listing experience we've ever had...keep it up and thank you so much!"

-Jeff Root, Digital BGA