Remote Hiring Simplified

We have thousands of active, pre-screened, and qualified candidates who are seeking remote positions.

How about we send them right to you?

It’s our responsibility to make hiring your next star team member simple. You send us your job description, and we’ll find someone you’ll love. Guaranteed.

What sets Dynamite Jobs apart from your average job site or recruiting service? 

    • Experience For nearly a decade now we’ve been informally connecting entrepreneurs with great team members through our podcast TropicalMBA and private members site, the Dynamite Circle. With the launch of Dynamite Jobs, we’re providing this as a service to the public (more on this story on our about page).
    • Focus  We’re focusing on a growing category of fully remote internet businesses, and the new digital professionals that have the skill sets and mindsets required to work for them.
    • Hands-on –  We work directly with candidates and companies to find the best fit for professional skill set, mindset, and lifestyle aspirations.

Our database of thousands of candidates focuses on entry to mid-level marketing, business development, customer support, and operations positions that are full or part-time.

The companies we can help most effectively are bootstrapped companies – ecommerce stores, software products, marketing services and the like – with products and services they’re proud of, and a team culture that values time and flexibility.

We see ourselves as a digital matchmaker between companies and the talent they seek. We can often predict, the moment we see a position, whether or not we can fill it within 30 days. If you choose to work with us, we’ll tell you straight-up if we feel we can find the person you’re looking for.

Curious if your company is a good fit?

If you can say yes to these questions, there is a good chance we know somebody that would be a great fit, both culturally and professionally.

  • Does your company employ less than 50 people?
  • Is your team fully remote or mostly remote?
  • Is the position ongoing full or part-time (i.e., not freelance or project based)?
  • Do you consider some element of the job to be significantly appealing? The perks? The flexibility? The team? The product?

I would highly recommend Dynamite Jobs to any business owner that is looking to fill a remote position. You get tapped into a community that is already educated on the benefits of working remotely and has some level of business experience. It took about 5 days for us to get connected with our eventual hire, who is going to be an amazing addition to our team

Jacob Brown, Co-owner of BookScouter

Since we started connecting entrepreneurs with remote team members, our email list has swelled to over 20,000, but we don’t rely on the “spray and pray” approach to job listings. Instead, we’ve cultivated a highly relevant community, a few thousand of whom have elected to have their details included in a database that sorts for a variety of factors including professional experience, remote work experience, specific internet expertise, and cultural/mindset fit.

Our candidates tend to be smart, creative, and well-versed in the culture shared by many bootstrapped internet companies. Our best candidates aren’t folks just looking to work from home, but professionals who have a demonstrated track record and interest in working for internet-based businesses.

When you choose to work with Dynamite Jobs, we proactively make introductions to candidates we feel would be a good fit. Many of the outstanding candidates have already been interviewed by our recruitment team and we keep in touch with them, as they’re highly likely to be a good match for another company.

Part of our secret sauce is…

Since we’re currently making several placements with companies weekly and this requires dozens of interviews, we’re able to get immediate feedback on the top candidates. We’ve found that a lot of candidates are receiving glowing reviews from fellow entrepreneurs with similar requirements, but they became runner-up candidates for logistical reasons that often have little to do with their ability to perform their job. We keep these preferred candidates on file and it’s one of the things our clients love most about using Dynamite Jobs for hiring. These relationships we have with our candidates increase the volume and quality of applications.

We believe in our process so much that we guarantee you’ll find a candidate worth hiring from our site, or you will get your money back. There’s no need to use expensive recruiting services or post on multiple job boards.

When you become a Dynamite Jobs customer, we’ll help you get your job posted, give you a login to our application tracking system, and you’ll start to see the candidates roll in. We’ll pre-screen and select 3-5  candidates that you should interview. You can even call us at 512-489-0380 anytime if you like.

If you’re looking to get started, the process is simple. We have your next great employee ready-at-hand. You can expect to make a hire within a few weeks.

How does it work?

  1. Make a deposit of $497 for each job position. We’ll return it if you don’t hire from Dynamite Jobs. 
  2. You’ll be prompted to send us your job ad. (We’ll help you improve and tailor it for maximum results.). Or, we’ll ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire that’ll help us to find what’s unique about your company and the position you’ve created. We can do this on the phone if you prefer.
  3. Login to your Dynamite Jobs account and watch the applications (and recommended candidates) roll in.

Ready to start interviewing candidates?


Dynamite Jobs saved me a bunch of time during my job search by sending positions that were relevant to my skill set and experience. With other job sites, I had gotten used to digging through tons of listings that weren't relevant - not the case with Dynamite Jobs.

Matthew Meinzer, MobiLoud

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do most of the candidates come from?

Quality candidates come from a variety of sources, though we’ve found that some of the best come from the audience of our podcast (and others like it, for example, Dynamite Jobs was mentioned as a great place to hire remote workers on the Tim Ferriss Podcast).

We started podcasting about “location independent businesses” 10 years ago, over at the Tropical MBA Podcast, and we’ve developed a passionate and loyal audience of professionals, many of whom want more personal freedom and flexibly without necessarily becoming founders or entrepreneurs themselves. Dynamite Jobs represents a place where savvy entrepreneurs can connect with professionals who would love to learn from them and help them grow their businesses.

From a demographic perspective, 75% of our candidates are located in North America and English is their first language.

Do you have some case studies of what it’s like to work with you?

Davis Nguyen, Founder of MyConsultingOffer:

Davis approached us as he was searching for a project manager. We took a look at the job description and application. After making some changes to the title, description, and application, we were able to attract the top talent in our database. After gathering the applications and pre-screenings, we recommended to Davis who we thought would be the best fit. Davis hired our recommendation and not too long after the hire, Davis asked us to send him any other strong candidates we thought would fit well in his company.

Chris Cage, Founder of Greenbelly Meals:

Chris needed to find someone who could take over a lot of the marketing responsibilities to free up his time. We helped Chris with the job description, gathered and prescreened the applicants, and sent him our recommendations. Because we were able to truly understand Chris and Greenbelly’s needs, the candidate he ultimately hired was a recommendation from our database that applied the day the job went live. Chris was thrilled with the support throughout the hiring process which gave him the confidence he needed to hire the right person.

How is Dynamite Jobs different from a job board site or hiring a recruiter?

We’ve combined the audience of a job board site with the skills and tools of a recruiter. A job board simply sends candidates to your application page or your email inbox with no guarantee, or filtering. A recruiter’s pool of candidates is limited, which means they have to use job boards or other means to gather candidates. No other remote recruiter has processed as many applications as we have or has maintained a talent pool as large.

How could you possibly know who the best candidate is for my company?

Because we want to get to know you and your priorities and requirements. Part of our process is understanding your needs as a company before we suggest a single candidate. You’ll have access to all those we gather to guarantee we’re on the same page throughout the process. Only you can decide who is best for the role. We take care of the hiring process right up until it’s time for you to conduct interviews.

How long will it take to find the right candidate for my team?

We can identify finalists for your position within one day because we already know who they are and have them in our database. The length of the application process, reference checks, and the interview process will determine the full length of the process. If the hiring manager and founder are active and available for the hiring, then we can have the position filled within 14-21 days.

I’m not 100% sure I’m ready to hire or if the candidates in your database are right for us.

Give us a ring (512-489-0380), we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build their businesses and we’re happy to see if there are any insights we can provide that might be useful.

"We needed to hire a Marketing Manager and we were blown away by the quality of applications we received. We wish we could have made room for several of the candidates. All the candidates had a great "pitch" on why they would be great for our remote position which made a world of difference just see communication style and culture fit. This was by far the best job listing experience we've ever had...keep it up and thank you so much!"

-Jeff Root, Digital BGA