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No more posting to handfuls of job boards, we have qualified candidates waiting to work for you. If your position doesn’t match with our candidates or process we’ll let you know upfront.


You’ll be able to review qualified candidates within 36 hours of your job going live. Most of our clients identify the right candidate within the first 7 days.


You don’t need to sort through 100s of irrelevant applications. We pre-screen and rank candidates based on your company’s culture and the requirements of the role. We also invite the most relevant and qualified candidates from our database to apply.


We are not a job board, we are a complete hiring solution. We’ve spent the last 10 years building a world-class candidate database that truly understands internet-based companies.

Hire your next great team membeR TODAY - FOR FREE!


how it works



Decide if you need an all access pass or just post one job.



Submit your job/s to us and we’ll post them on our site. Depending on your hiring option, we may also send out emails to our candidates whose profiles best suit your job description.



The candidates will apply to your job form or you can gather them in our simple application tracking interface.



What our clients say

"A big thanks to Dynamite Jobs for acting so quickly! My past experience when I ask for help finding employees has been that it takes a long time to find someone and they normally don't work out. Not so with Dynamite Jobs! They were able to line up the perfect match to my unconventional need in two days! Crazy. Don't use Dynamite Jobs unless you want quick results and are ready to go now. These guys don't mess around. I look forward to building a location independent workforce with Dynamite Jobs as my very own talent scout!"
Adam Anderson
CEO, Whole Life Entrepreneurship
"The Dynamite Jobs team prepared my job description for their site and was able to work with my hiring process. The job received applications from some of the of the best talent they had in their database. The Dynamite Jobs team gathered the applications and did the pre-screening that saved me a lot of time. I ended up hiring the candidate they recommended. The DJ team knows my company and continues to send me recommendations on who might be a good fit."
Davis Nguyen
Founder, My Consulting Offer
"This was my best hiring experience so far. After helping craft a good job listing, Dynamite Jobs also preselected and screened the candidates, making it much easier to find the best fit. The data was presented in a comprehensive manner. The candidates were so good I ended up hiring several people, instead of just one!"
Michael Bereslavsky
CEO, Domain Magnate
"Dynamite Jobs has saved me countless hours in the hiring and vetting process. Before working with Alex and the team, I'd looked for the right people on just about every freelancer marketplace under the sun - Upwork, Freelancer.com, AngelList, Facebook Groups - all to no avail. The quality of candidates on DC Jobs is significantly higher, thanks in large part to their rigorous QC process. We've made three hires from one post, and those employees are now lynchpins in our business. Can't speak highly enough of this service."
Dan Fries
Founder, Next Ventures Group


Once you hit submit you’ll receive an email to post your job or gig

Frequently asked questions

Dynamite Jobs helps entrepreneurs grow their remote teams. After helping hundreds of companies hire, it turns out everyone hires differently. However, one thing remains the same: the need for the right candidate.

We’re not here to tell you how to hire. We’re here to complement your hiring system to save you time and money. That’s why we have different methods and tools to fit within your hiring process and get you the right candidate.

Our process is flexible and designed to work within your system and hiring needs but in order to make a lasting placement that’s going to help your company, we need to get to know each other a bit more.

Depending on your needs, we’ll take the necessary following steps, such as:

Prepare a job description

Share your job with our audience

Gather and screening applications

Gather a list of candidates for you to review

We’ll be with you every step of the way throughout the hiring process, here to offer a hand when you need it.

The length of the hiring process depends on a few factors. The two most important factors are how many stakeholders are involved in the process and how confident the hiring manager is in knowing who they need.

We’ve helped companies hire over a weekend, some within a week, and others have taken over a month. Everyone’s hiring process is different and it’s not up to us to say what’s right or wrong. It’s our job to assist the best we can so your experience is as seamless as possible.

If you just need a list of candidates, we can get you a list of qualified people within 48 hours.

Want to expose your job post to our wider audience? The person you’ll end up hiring generally applies within the first week of the job being live on our site.

If you’d like us to conduct pre-screening calls, interview candidates, or call references we are able to provide this service at an affordable rate.

Have special requirements or a process you’d like us to implement? Email us at team@dynamitejobs.co !

We have helped our clients hire for a wide range of positions. 

This includes:

  • – Chief Executive Officers
  • – Chief Operating Officers
  • – Operation Professional
    – Marketing Professionals
  • – Technical Positions
  • – Systems Administrators
  • – Sales and Business Development
  • – Writers
  • – Customer Support
  • – Multimedia Support
  • – Apprentices
  • – Right-Hands to the Founder

We’ve attracted a diverse pool of talent who are eager to join a remote team and make a difference.


In the past, we have tried to specialize in different categories, but due to the needs of our clients, our successful placement rate, and the diverse skills of our candidates, we decided to continue to work with almost any remote position that comes our way.

Dynamite Jobs started in October 2017. The site and our processes have had many transformations since then and it will continue to adapt and change based to meet the needs of our clients. However, our team has been helping remote companies for many years before Dynamite Jobs came into existence.

The team behind Dynamite Jobs is the same team behind the Dynamite Circle and the TropicalMBA podcast. The Dynamite Circle is a private group of entrepreneurs that has been around since 2011 and the TMBA podcast has been downloaded millions of times, all over the world, since its debut in 2009.

The Dynamite Circle’s private online forum and in-person events have facilitated thousands of hires over the years. The hosts of the TropicalMBA podcast, Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen, have cultivated an audience of remote business owners and remote professionals who continuously return week after week to learn about growing remote teams and companies.