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Administrative Assistant

Website Master of Memory

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🗣 Advanced-level or native-level English skills 🗣 (Spanish skills are not required).

Now Hiring a Remote Administrative Assistant


If you’re a self­-driven, detail­-oriented, advanced or native­-level English speaker who loves working with people online, this could be the job for you! Master of Memory is looking for a Remote Administrative Assistant to help manage our communications and projects to make us a better company and serve our students more effectively.

Who we are:

We are a team of about 15 creative workers, led by Timothy Moser. Our mission is to help English speakers learn Spanish. Our students are located all over the world, and our team is based in Tulsa but spread throughout the Americas and Europe. To teach our students, we use videos, books, podcast, and online calls. Our team keeps touch via Slack, email, and Zoom video calls.

What you’ll do:

  1. You’ll work with an awesome team from wherever you live, at a flexible schedule.
  2. You’ll help keep track of our projects and tasks to ensure that important stuff in the business is always taken care of.
  3. You’ll help Timothy manage and respond to his email (from our students and people who follow Accelerated Spanish) 
  4. You’ll help manage Timothy’s calendar.
  5. You’ll watch our Slack workspaces to make sure that students’ questions get answered by our staff.
  6. You’ll perform other administrative tasks as necessary.
  7. You’ll proactively suggest improvements to our projects and processes to make us a better company.

Who you are:

  • You are a self­motivated, detail­-oriented person with experience in online administrative work.
  • You have perfect, advanced-level or native-level English skills (Spanish skills are not required).
  • You have a strong, dependable Internet connection. 
  • You take initiative and solve problems proactively. 
  • You are detail­-oriented and like to be sure that everything is taken care of perfectly.
  • You’re a fun and creative person.
  • You approach challenges head­-on with a positive attitude.
  • You care about the people around you and want them to succeed.
  • You have a strong, dependable Internet connection for video calls.
  • You have a track record of leaving everything better than you found it.

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