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Social Media Manager and Content Creator

Website Avalon King

DC MEMBER The Dynamite Circle (the DC) is an exclusive community of more than 1,200 established entrepreneurs.


💥 Work for a DCer 💥

💲 $40-55K (negotiable) 💲

🔑 Report to Co-Founder 🔑

🚀 High Growth Potential 🚀

✈️ Remote.  Travel an Option ✈️

🚗 Work will involve a lot of cars 🚗 

(Not at all a) Summary:

Before writing this, I read a bunch of similar job posting for ideas.

And by that, I actually mean stuff I could copy/paste.

Holy *&%$.

If that’s your gut reaction to requirements like “deliver ROAS target” and it’s making you want to bludgeon yourself with your keyboard – again – then…

…there’s a vague chance we’re on the same wavelength.  Or you’re on your 7th pint yourself. Either way.

This is David, the CoFounder of AvalonKing.

We’re looking for someone creative, passionate & who can get shit done.

Who can develop a strategy for social media, who can create & produce compelling content (IG, FB, and YT), who can engage and entertain, and connect with consumers and influencers alike.

It will probably help if you’re authentically into car culture (not necessarily mandatory)

This will be you. Without the whole killing people thing.

On a daily basis, you will:

  • Create & post content this will be a mix of content you create yourself and curate
  • Produce & collaborate: work with misc 3rd parties to produce unique content
  • Build relationships. Interact & engage with regular car enthusiasts & influencers in a natural non-corporate way.
My preciooooousssssss.

About You:

  • You’re really good at (and love) social Media & Technology. In particular instagram, youtube, & to a lesser extent Facebook.  You know what’s trending and you understand the social media sphere.    You constantly consume & collect content. You would make an excellent stalker if you were inclined.
  • You grew up using social media for personal use & have a fresh perspective. You may  already have somewhat of a following on your own social media accounts.  Maybe you have different and fresh perspective on social media marketing.
  • That or your cynicism from working in a soul-crushing media or marketing agency has forged you into a creative weapon that is straining to unleash a torrent of no fucks given content.
  • You’re creative and want to create. You have a ton of ideas but perhaps worry they’re too out there or have been constrained by suits or convention.  You want to challenge the status quo. You look at companies like beardclub, or purple mattress, and wish you could have been with them from the start.
  • You’re ideally really into cars and car culture.  This isn’t mandatory but it will really help if you’re already into car culture and digest the content.


  • Demonstrable creativity and thinking. (provide links to examples)
    You must be able to show examples of social content which demonstrate creativity, virability, and engagement.
  • You have some marketing know-how and experience. Something. You may lack experience with online marketing. You may not know how to deal with PR issues or crisis management appropriately.  That’s fine. But you do need some sort of professional experience in a marketing or related field.
  • Basic tech knowledge: You can create a graphic, do basic video editing. It doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • Deep understanding of Social Media platforms. 
  • Align with US timezone for Work: Preference is that you are American or Canadian originally and are able to work across US social media peak periods.     But there’s some flexibility here for the right person.
  • Self Starter: You’ve got to get shit done.  I will support you in executing your ideas & can always offer advice but this position is for someone who can work independently.  You will be given a role and projects, not tasks. You can meet tight deadlines, change directions and manage multiple projects at once.


  • Develop a strategy for social media channels. 
  • Create a stream of innovative, creative content & ideas that engages or entertains. 
  • Have a regular publishing schedule & implement a content editorial calendar to manage content
  • Collaborate with 3rd party creatives, influencers, & customers to build unique content
  • Constantly engage & interact with auto enthusiasts and influencers on social.  In the most unstalkerish, but really you’re a complete stalker way.

About Us/Who We Are

AvalonKing’s mission is focused on six core aspirations the company continually strives to achieve & authoritatively provide access to diverse automotive products to stay relevant in tomorrow’s world.

*that is a lie*

We just want to make really good car-related products and disrupt the somewhat surprisingly dull industry.  And then entertain or make people laugh through our marketing.

Think dollarshaveclub or squatty potty but as grooming products for cars.

At the moment we have made one really great product that we have continued to refine.  We have really good customer service. Our customers really really like us. Our reviews are so positive they look fake.

We’ve spent a good year laying the groundwork and infrastructure and now have a really stable platform.

We’re now at the point where we’re ready to make some serious marketing moves.

Join us.