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Brand Advocate



  • ✈️ Digital Nomad Friendly ✈️

As the Pagely Brand Advocate you have your finger on the pulse of B2B media. You have a rolodex of relevant SaaS, tech, and marketing publications that you actively engage with through reading, commenting and maybe even writing. Quora and Reddit are second nature to you and chances are you found this post on Twitter, because the app is always open on your phone. You have proven communication and writing skills with your byline appearing across a number of different blogs and pubs you regularly guest post for. You’ve helped to develop your own brand, or someone else’s, into a recognizable name within your niche. Does this sound like you? Get in touch because we want to work with you as a contractor. Freelancers and small agencies welcome.

  • Fully remote, work from anywhere
  • Performance based opportunities for uncapped hours
  • Reports to the marketing team
  • This is a PART TIME contractor role likely starting with 10 hours per week

Proven track record of increasing brand awareness through content and social bookmarking is a MUST. We need examples with measurable outcomes.


  • Obsessively up to date on the latest news in marketing and B2B
  • Technically savvy with your own stack of SaaS tools you use on the regular
  • Outgoing and not afraid to follow up on opportunities
  • Established professional presence on at least 2 social media platforms
  • Established presence on at least 1 community discussion platform
  • Established guest poster on at least 2 publications
  • Desire to align yourself with the Pagely brand (more on us here. Any small agencies sending proposals, please take note of this)
  • Ability to work a set number of hours each week
  • Experience reporting on your KPIs
  • Bonus: Plugged into the WordPress community (i.e. you’ve been to WordCamps)

Measures of Success

  • Increased brand mentions
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Increased traffic to content pages
  • Bonus: Qualified leads