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YouTube Producer

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Hi there!

I’m looking for someone to produce YouTube videos for ChristianMartin.Org. You will own the process from conceptualization, scripting, gathering graphic assets, sending the recording to the editor, giving feedback, uploading the video to YouTube, sharing on social media channels, emailing to the list etc… I will be the “face” of the video, and doing the actual recording and speaking, but you will handle all of the behind the scenes work.

You will be helping to grow ChristianMartin.Org which exists to help world travelers and freedom lovers ditch the 9-5 and make a living from anywhere in the world on their own schedule. We teach our students the marketing and advertising skills they need to help local business generate more leads and customers using digital marketing and Facebook advertising.

Our mission is to help 1,000 people start their own profitable digital advertising agency or online business.


  • This is not an entry-level producer position. I need someone with a strong foundation in crafting a story, doing background research, creating scripts, developing a theme for the channel etc… You should be able to show previous work that demonstrates your abilities. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in video, but you should have experience producing content in some form. You will not be editing the videos.
  • This is a new channel. We will be creating a new concept with the goal of becoming a mainstream marketing channel with a large following. Initial thoughts are a Charisma On Command style channel (example: that is focused on marketing concepts. (i.e. demonstrating marketing concepts in pop culture). It will be your job to come up with the video ideas, so you MUST have a strong knowledge of internet marketing, sales, persuasion, funnels, copywriting etc… as these are the concepts that we will focus on.
  • I hold people close to me to very high standards. I’m looking for someone with extreme attention to detail combined with a high level of creativity who enjoys creating something that’s never been done before, that has serious potential to hook the marketing community. If you’re looking for a traditional role with 9-5 hours, this is NOT the role for you.
  • This is a part time role. It’s also remote, so you can work anywhere in the United States or around the world. We communicate via email, chat, and phone.

Possible Tasks and Responsibilities

  • You must attend the weekly company meeting and be flexible about the hour that we meet. I often travel to Asia, so depending on where you live, this meeting may fall outside of normal working hours (we will make sure it’s at a reasonable hour. You won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night or anything).
  • Research and conceptualize new video ideas. Turn concepts into scripts. Get my feedback and rework the script.
  • Search the web for images, videos etc… to be used in the editing process.
  • Communicate with our video editor about the direction of the video. Provide upfront description as well as ongoing feedback throughout the process of editing.
  • Create eye catching thumbnails for the YouTube video.
  • Upload the finished video to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc… and provide compelling descriptions, link back to the site, answer comments etc..
  • Share the video across our social media channels. Craft an email to send to our full email list.
  • Create a new page on our WordPress site for each video along with a headline, transcript (you can use a transcript service such as, and comment section.
  • Track results of each video in a spreadsheet including views, comments, new subscribers etc…
  • Provide direction and feedback to me on the strategic vision for the channel.
  • If you enjoy being in front of the camera, you may be asked to be the face of the video for some videos. This is not a 100% requirement. If you prefer to stay behind the scenes too, that’s ok.
  • Reach out to potential Joint venture partners about video partnerships. Negotiate terms and manage back and forth communication.
  • In short, you will “own” every part of the process for growing the YouTube channel.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Project management skills – stay organized, break down large projects into small pieces, communicate with all parties and accurately report progress.
  • Copywriting skills – you will be scripting the videos. You need to know how to hook the viewer, tell a story and lead them to a logical next step.
  • Knowledge of WordPress and Trello (WordPress Required) – You will need to add the videos to the site and email the video to the email list. We use Trello to manage projects.
  • Knowledge of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram platforms.
  • Ability to quickly learn new software applications.
  • The ability to combine unrelated concepts (i.e. celebrity/mainstream culture and internet marketing) to create something unique, interesting and compelling.
  • The ability to consistently generate new video ideas that have a high likelihood of resonating with our market.
  • You appreciate the need for entertainment, even in an educational setting.
  • Basic design skills are a bonus.
  • Ability to take a repeated ongoing task and create a system around it.
  • Ability to solve tasks and problem solve with minimal or no guidance.
  • Ability to work under pressure, quickly and efficiently.

Education and Experience

  • Previous video production experience is a plus. Previous experience in some kind of content production is a must.
  • Experience in crafting a story that hooks the reader/viewer.
  • A basic understanding of copywriting and marketing is required.
  • You enjoy ideation, coming up with new ideas and developing them start to finish (you must be a “finisher” as well as an idea person. If you never finish anything you start, this is not for you).
  • Exceptional ability to communicate progress on multiple projects.
  • Must be highly organized and efficient.
  • Trustworthy with strong personal integrity.
  • Must be flexible with schedule. I travel often and my time zone changes.
  • Top-notch communication via email and phone, external and internal.
  • Proven ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
  • Perfectionist, super attention to detail.
  • Since this is a virtual position, must be a self-starter, self-motivated and able to work independently with minimal oversight.
  • Must be comfortable developing and working in a virtual relationship, and having limited amount of face-time.

Some of the benefits of working for WFA

  • Work from anywhere!
  • Of course, it’s also a paid position.
  • Room for growth and additional hours in the future.
  • Exercise your unique creativity, vision and viewpoint.
  • You’re going to learn a ton working hands on with a fast growing company.
  • You’ll get mentorship from me and free access to any future high-level trainings (become a marketing ninja).

Thanks for checking it out,

Christian Martin.