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Content Marketing Manager

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Website Loom Network

What’s our story?

We’re Loom Network, a Techstars NY ’18 startup. But, you may know us better as the team that built CryptoZombies.

We’re a blockchain startup building tech that makes it easy for developers to build large-scale games and social apps on Ethereum.

We think blockchains are capable of a lot more than just payments, and we want to get more developers thinking outside the box and trying to build large-scale DApps. Games are one of the areas where we think blockchain will really revolutionize things.

So we built CryptoZombies – to help educate and inspire the next generation of blockchain game devs. CryptoZombies is a free tutorial series that our team built that teaches developers to build their own Ethereum-based games.

If you’re in the crypto space, you may already heard of us. We’re the first Ethereum scaling solution in production, Vitalik has tweeted about us, and our free code school (referenced above) is the #1 Ethereum programming resource on the Internet.

CryptoZombies had over 60,000 users in the first month, hit the front-page of Hacker News, and has gotten us coverage from major influencers in the industry.

Our explosive growth has been largely due to our content strategy on our Medium blog. Our posts collectively get over 2,000+ visitors per day and have grown us an email list of over 84,793+ people interested in our tech.

But our marketing team is currently all creative-types—we’re good at the writing & creating, but not so good at managing multiple projects, deadlines, and keeping a consistent flow of article topics in the pipeline.

We’re looking for someone (full-time, remote ok) who IS good at staying organized and systematizing things, who can manage our team of writers and lead our content marketing efforts.

While you can work wherever you want, you’ll need to have a few hours overlap with Thailand business hours.

Activities will include:

– You will lead the marketing team. You’ll work directly with the Co-Founder/CMO to prioritize the marketing activities & content schedule, keep track of deadlines for various product releases and marketing initiatives, etc.
– Managing a team of writers, assign them topics to write on, and be in charge of accountability & deadlines
– Coming up with a list of blog post topics based on SEO keyword research, trending articles on social media, etc. Or if this isn’t your strong suit, hiring & managing the person who will do this.
– Editing articles to ensure they are engaging and free of grammatical errors. Or if editing isn’t your strong suit, hiring & managing an editor and putting them in the content production pipeline
– Systematizing a social media strategy. Goal is to take published content and chop it into pieces, queueing up posts across multiple social channels to maximize the value of created content and have a constant stream of social media activity each day

Our ideal candidate:

– We’re looking for someone who’s extremely organized, good at managing multiple people to keep them accountable, and juggling multiple priorities and make sure everything gets done.
– You should also be an experienced marketer, understanding the big picture of content marketing, SEO, social media, etc.

Preferred experience:

– Having managed a team of multiple writers and coordinated a content strategy at a previous organization
– A background in SEO, or at least ability to perform keyword research to identify topics to write on
– Experience coordinating a systematized social media strategy across multiple channels at a previous organization
– If you’re already knowledgable about Ethereum and DApp scaling, that’s a huge bonus! But not required.