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Content Writer

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We’re an Australian based web agency looking for a native English speaking Content Writer/Creator to join our team on a part time basis working remotely.

You’ll be creating content for our client sites (small business/ecommerce) as well as content for our own site.

The content needs to be high quality as ultimately it’s selling a product or service to the reader or the content is teaching them/helping them. You don’t need to be a sales copywriter but the content needs to be clear, well structured and written with both SEO and conversion in mind.

The Job:

  • Creation of 8-10 content articles per month for our own site (1000+ words long) -> in some cases you’ll be creating content based on audio or video walk throughs. Others you may have to do some research for.Here’s an example article.
  • Creation of content articles and product page content for client sites (adhoc, generally 500-800 words long, eg…yummy!)
  • Updating existing content as required
  • Publishing articles as required (mostly WordPress, some Shopify and other ecommerce platforms)

Job Requirements, Details & Compensation:

  • MUST be native english speaker
  • We’re looking for an individual, not an agency.
  • This is a remote position however we’re based in Australia so you’ll need to jump on a handful of calls each month to discuss projects, work etc.
  • Experience in content writing is required (please provide links to previous work)
  • Must be able to work autonomously and be self directed -> this is a remote position so it’s up to you to hit deadlines
  • Part time position on an ongoing basis, 10-20 hours per week (or 40-80/month)
  • Pay $10-15/hour depending on experience (you’ll need to track your time, we use for time tracking)
  • We’re looking to lock this position in by mid-late October