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Sales & Marketing Manager

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Website Effigy Labs


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Commission-based startup position to lead Effigy Labs’ Sales and Marketing organization. Primary goal is product sales. Product sold is an innovative MIDI controller foot pedal.

Key requirements and responsibilities

  • The candidate will have a proven track record of successful direct, preferably face-to-face sales work.
  • This position will be responsible for driving both direct and indirect sales channels, working with Effigy executives to form sales forecasts, marketing plans, go-to-market campaigns, and territories.
  • The candidate will be involved at least initially in all levels of sales, especially making sales calls, communicating with customers and prospects, moving sales cycles forward, and conducting all “selling 101” activities. Effigy Management will accompany on sales calls as appropriate.
  • The candidate will establish a sales forecast, then meet it as a sales quota. Sales will regularly review with Management actual vs. forecast sales.
  • With growth will come additional head count in Sales and Marketing which the candidate may manage if appropriate.
  • The initial buyer markets are direct sales to music industry professionals, and small and medium-sized retailers.


Due to startup conditions, the position is initially commission-based, but may change. Bonuses will be offered for exceeding sales quotas and other additional revenue and performance-based achievements. Equity may be offered as a performance bonus on an individual basis.

Music Industry and Culture

  • The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate the product, discuss the “new way to play”, and participate in music performances, with customers, prospects, and with Effigy Artists.
  • Buyer personae include individual musicians and music industry professionals, including studios and studio engineers, music producers, sound effects and game music producers, music instructors and institutions, and music store owners and reseller agents/buyers.
  • A successful candidate must either have some musical ability or be able to explain a strategy to work closely with musicians. If the candidate does not play an instrument, they must be able to demonstrate strong competencies in other areas, and become expert in working with Effigy Artists. Applications not mentioning any music skills or explaining how they would work closely with musicians, will not be accepted.
  • Effigy is rooted in the music industry and encourages a musical internal culture. Effigy encourages candidates with any musical skills to use and share them as appropriate. Axiomatically: “We jam a lot.” “We like to jam with customers.” “Jamming = bonding.” “Jamming = sales.” Any music skill or understanding of MIDI is a plus.
  • The ideal candidate would be able to travel to reseller locations, conduct clinics or VIP jam sessions, sell product, secure and sign reseller agreements, as well as find additional product sales opportunities.

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