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Operations Manager

Website Excel Rescue

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My name is Shane ( and I’m looking for a talented Operations Manager to help me grow my micro consulting / productized service business. We’re a small, and quickly growing team with customers and 6 developers spread across the globe.

Excel Rescue is a done-for-you small tasks service for Microsoft Excel.

We’re looking for someone who can commit part-time (at least 10-20 hours per week) and you’ll be compensated hourly. As a client facing position (and most customers English speaking), you’ll need *excellent* written and spoken English.


This is a 100% remote position. All you’ll need is a quiet, distraction free, place to work with a good internet connection. Working hours are flexible, but you must be regularly available during North American business hours – where the majority of our customers are located.

The role is interesting and challenging, with the autonomy to make decisions and have an impact.

What Kind of Work?

  • You’ll be managing, recruiting and onboarding a growing team of remote Excel developers
  • You’ll be responsible for helping with customer communications. The developers on the team often handle the communication related to their tasks. When they get stuck or have a problem – you’ll swoop in and help resolve it.
  • Ensure SOP’s are current and continue to be a good fit. Provide feedback and recommendations for refining them where needed.
  • Resource planning – manage task workload/balancing/prioritization, organizing developers.
  • Payroll and billing where necessary.
  • Represent the company – including appearing as a guest on Podcasts, etc.
  • Keep an overall/high level view of the quickly growing flow of tasks.


Minimum of 3 years experience in:

  • Leading a team of people (preferably developers).
  • Working as a consultant or in a consulting environment.
  • Project management (formal certifications an asset, but not a requirement with experience).
  • Using MS Excel as an advanced/power user (ability to code VBA, write formulas, etc is not a requirement).


  • You must be very organized, bordering on OCD, and love systems and processes. ย Our business thrives or fails based on repeatable processes and a consistent customer experience.
  • You need to have a strong empathy for customer service and customer success – while also having the ability to be firm and stand up to the occasional difficult customer.
  • Thrive at giving direction, but also open to taking direction from me as well as accept feedback from the developer team members.
  • High level of empathy and EQ.

How We’ll Measure Success

  • Task turnaround time.
  • Customer communication response times.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Developer/Team satisfaction.
  • Task Profitability.
  • Task conversion rates and returning customer rates.


  • Timeline: starting as soon as we find the right person.
  • 60-day trial period.
  • Hours & Pay: Part time (10-20hrs /week), Hourly to be determined + Bonus.
  • 100% Remote.
  • Flexible hours and vacation.
  • Be part of a positive, supportive team.