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Business Operating Partner

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Website Gemma + Filo

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Are you a woman who loves kids? Do you want to run your own business online from home, set your own hours and share in the upside? But not sure where to start or don’t have the extra capital lying around to get going? Gemma + Filo may be the perfect fit for you.

We are a husband and wife team and owners of Gemma + Filo. Together in both our own business and prior professional careers, we have bought, sold, ran and advised over 100 successful business. We acquired Gemma and Filo back in 2018. But, we have been so busy with the success of our other business and our family’s move back to the United States this past year that we have been unable to spend growing and running the business.

So we’ve decided to find a full-time Operating Partner to run and grow Gemma and FIlo properly and share in the upside. Are you our new Operating Partner?

About Gemma and Filo

So what is Gemma + Filo?

Gemma + Filo was created from the memories of the childhood days by founder Katerina who watched with wonder as her grandfather made jewelry. She cherished those little pieces and when she had her own daughter, she wanted to give her something just as special!

But… all she could find was mass market disposable or expensive metal jewelry with kid themes, not made with a fun-style or with kids in mind. So Katerina started making her own jewelry for her daughter. They called it Gemma + Filo (from the Italian for “gem” and “thread”).

Friends saw those first little works and started asking Katerina to make more and more, and Gemma + Filo was born!

Katerina is still involved in designing new Gemma + Filo pieces today but sold the business to us in 2018 due to her health and overwhelming demand. We professionalized inventory management, content production, shipping, and order fulfillment using our existing team, but have had no time to develop the business since.

About the Role

The Operating Partner will be responsible for the day-to-day operation and growth of Gemma and Filo. This will include engaging with our community, locating and seeding new influencers on YouTube and Instagram, crafting and sending promotional emails, and customer service.

The Operating Partner will be supported by our social media manager (who posts new Facebook and Instagram content daily), our community of 20k+ Gemma and Filo Instagram followers, our product design and production processes (who make all new products) and our product fulfillment team (who ships all new orders).

We will function as the Operating Partner’s Board, setting specific KPI targets, and sharing best practices and contacts from our experience. So long as the Operating Partner meets these agreed KPIs, she will enjoy a bonus equal to 50% of the profits of Gemma and FIlo. The Operating Partner will also enjoy a base monthly payment to help cover costs. But, the majority of pay intentionally will be in the form of the performance bonus to align everyone’s interests.

Apart from the specific KPIs, the Operating Partner will enjoy the freedom to explore and develop new sales channels for Gemma and Filo. Hence, in addition to the invaluable experience of running a business herself, there is nearly no limit to the economic upside that an enterprising and diligent Operating Partner could enjoy.

The ideal candidate will have

  • a proven interest in and experience with children and moms
  • at least 2 years of professional experience
  • familiarity with digital marketing tools and channels (such as affiliate links, Klayvio email software, Shopify, IG community management
  • techniques, etc, experience with PPC and FB advertising helpful but not required).
  • experience in persuasive writing (ideally direct to consumer sales and copywriting)
  • native English (being a US or Canadian or living abroad with a similar background)
  • a sense of humor and be fun, as well as being punctual, responsible, and diligent.

Next Steps

Interested candidates should apply by email before July 26th.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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