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Senior Marketing Specialist

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DC MEMBER The Dynamite Circle (the DC) is an exclusive community of more than 1,200 established entrepreneurs.


We provide live chat agents for nearly 100 websites. We launched in 2014, we now have ~ 50 employees, and everyone works virtually.

We’re are hiring a senior marketing specialist to take the lead from our CEO on revitalizing our robust but neglected marketing infrastructure and pursue existing strategic direction. Through your ownership and hands-on implementation, you will cleanup and stabilize the infrastructure and fill gaps within the strategic direction so it can be used as a Marketing Roadmap. From that foundation, you will execute the Marketing Roadmap mostly independently through your own implementation to drive 315 paying customers profitably through the funnel over the next 20 months.

Our marketing infrastructure includes WordPress website infrastructure, content assets that are a mix of blog / whitepaper / webinar, a (very) robust ActiveCampaign funnel to drive prospects from lead magnet to automated webinar to sales qualified lead, and basic advertising infrastructure (accounts, pixels, basic retargeting, some audiences, but not a successful cold traffic campaign).

Our existing strategic direction includes deep understanding of target prospect criteria (i.e. business type and other key attributes), deep understanding of the messaging within sales cycle from interested > objections > closed customer, and basic understanding of how to reach this market through online advertising > lead magnet > core offer funnel. We have successfully built this business through cold email outreach, which indicates that cold traffic advertising would be a viable way to drive more leads.


  1. Required – Hands-on experience independently executing an existing marketing roadmap in established startup (i.e. not starting from scratch with no budget or resources, but also not taking over a well-oiled machine with a large budget).
  2. Required – Advanced experience with online advertising of B2B services (or SaaS) through entire funnel, including driving cold traffic in discovery channels (i.e. Facebook, Google Display, etc. not search acquisition channels), lead generation of cold traffic, retargeting through funnel to core offer, analytics / tracking / improvement, etc.
  3. Required – Advanced experience building and managing robust marketing automation funnels (ideally Active Campaign), including planning, technical configuration of funnels, end to end analytics and tracking, and testing / optimization of funnel.
  4. Required – Ability to create content assets with basic direction for use within funnel (i.e. emails, blogs, whitepapers, etc.).
  5. Required – Experience configuring WordPress landing pages and website elements for use within funnel (i.e. not “website design” or creating from scratch, but in-depth experience managing professional WordPress site with theme and plugins).
  6. Required – You have experience working on a virtual team. You prefer working virtually. You’re happy in this environment, and you use best practices for virtual teams to be successful. For example, you use routines and workflow to work effectively on your own (i.e. accomplishing what you need to do), and with the rest of the virtual team (i.e. helping other team members accomplish their goals). You establish a sense of emotional connection on video calls. Also, you communicate effectively in real-time chat and asynchronous project management systems.