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Coffee Expert & Managing Editor

Website Home Grounds

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About Us wants to teach coffee enthusiasts (let’s call them ‘home baristas’) how to brew and enjoy good amazing coffee at home. Our community loves to source, grind, brew and enjoy high-quality coffee..all from the comfort of their own homes. For them, it’s not about saving money, nor is it simply about getting a caffeine fix. It’s about the process and ritual of brewing coffee. It’s a passion and an identity.

Home Grounds has one simple goal: To help home barista’s master the art of brewing perfect coffee at home.

We have strong values, which tie in with our marketing ‘angle’:

We support:

  • High-quality products and beans
  • Sustainability (#deathtothekcup!)

We’d prefer not to support:

  • Low-quality coffee; this includes instant coffee, and ground coffee bought off the shelves at the grocery store.
  • Products which directly impact the destruction of the environment (e.g. pod machines, unethically sourced coffee)


Informational sites are easy to copy, as our competitors constantly do. But community-driven brands aren’t (think Patagonia). We’re currently one of the biggest informational websites geared towards the home barista.

Over the next 12 months, we are planning for strong growth. We aim to become the biggest (online) community of home barista’s worldwide. To do this we need a legitimate expert to help improve existing content and oversee the creation of future content (strategy). We also want to provide more video content, both free (to accompany our articles and perhaps a YT channel) as well as paid (online courses about different aspects of brewing, grinding, roasting, drinking and/or cupping coffee at home).

In summary: we need someone to step into a managing editor role to help us with our journey by overseeing the production and publishing of amazing content.

Are you an editor/writer type who would like to improve his/her skills on a business that already has traction? Are you organised, motivated, detail-oriented and committed to producing amazing content that will be seen by thousands of people each month?

If this sounds like you; this is your gig!

Why this is a great career opportunity for the right person

This job would allow you to earn money by working in an industry you’re passionate about. It will put your name on the map and could be the ideal springboard for the next steps in your career in the coffee industry.

Furthermore, working with us will also arm you with an array of (online) marketing skills, which you’ll be able to put to use in your future endeavours.

Job requirements (must haves)

  • A true, experienced coffee expert: This label is subjective and therefore difficult to conceptualise, so it’s up for debate. At the very least, you should have experience brewing coffee (not just french press or instant coffee). Ideally, you were (or still are) a barista, with deep, intricate knowledge of coffee and the specialty coffee market. Basically if we ask you to explain why the Kalita Wave brew tastes different from that of a V60 or the Viet Phin, we want you to be able to provide a detailed explanation of why this is the case (in lay-mans terms)
  • Strong writing skills: You need to be a great writer (not a creative writer), ideally with writing experiencer. Think simple, to-the-point language that is powerful, engaging and educating in nature. Our tone-of-voice is often simple and playful. Fluff and filler language is never tolerated. It makes us sick.
  • Stronger editing skills: Everyone can write (..some better than others). But fewer people can edit content into a singularly strong, coherent article. As the editor, your main goal will be to remove anything that wastes our readers time and/or mis-informs them. You’ll also be required to check facts, sources and look out for plagiarism.
  • The ability to create content brief – Good content starts with great planning. Sometimes you’ll plan out the entire article and its headings for a writer; other times you’ll only need to provide basic guidance. It’s up to you to decide what should be included in an article. We already have templates and some guidance; but this is a ‘continual improvement’ type of process…which you’ll be leading.
  • An independent team player: There’s an I in team. But there’s also a ‘team’ in team. You have to be able to both work independently and in conjunction with the team. Nobody will be holding your hand or doing your work; but there will be someone to help when you really need it.
  • Access to a camera/video recorder (a smartphone will suffice): from time to time you’ll be sent equipment (hooray!) and will take photo and/or video footage to support an article. You don’t have to be an expert; we are not looking for the next Steven Speilberg. But you should know good media from bad media, and be willing (and excited) to improve and develop in this area.
  • The ability to brainstorm media for content – Once you receive a written article, you’ll need to brainstorm imagery/media ideas that will turn it from good to great, and then instruct a designer on making these images. Stock images are so 2017.
  • High attention to detail – You’ll need to be meticulous in not just your editing, but everything you do. “How you do anything is how you do everything” – this is maxim we believe in.
  • WordPress management skills – You should know your way around WordPress. After all; you will be hitting ‘publish’. You definitely do not need to be a programmer; but you should posses basic WordPress CMS skills.
  • A very basic understanding of SEO and Keywords – most (not all) articles will come with a set of keywords (recommended by our in house SEO’r). At the very least; you should understand keyword intent.
  • The meta-skill of learning – Since you’ll be working (mostly) remotely, you need to be the type of person who ‘figures things out’. This is an invaluable life skill and is critical for working remotely.

Job requirements (not required; but welcome)

  • Graphic design skills – experience using tools such as Canva and Photoshop.
  • Photography skills
  • Video recording and editing skills
  • Experience with an SEO tool called Ahrefs
  • Relationships with other bloggers/websites (due to experience in a similar role)
  • Correct usage of Memes

Some examples of what you’ll be doing right away

Updating existing content –  Some of the content on the website (written by non-coffee experts) slipped through our editorial process, and that shows (…we are working on it!). With guidance, we need someone to scan over, edit and improve existing content. We provide checklists and guidance for this.

  • Updating and editing written content so it aligns with out vision
  • Brainstorming, ordering and adding media (custom graphics, photos, video content)
  • Adding content based on relevant KWs
  • Formatting/restructuring to improve readability

Overseeing the creation of new content – You’ll be in charge of overseeing and organising new content.

  • You’ll create the content briefs, and sometimes plan out the entire article structure (where its a complex topic)
  • Once an article is written (by a writer) you’ll put it through a strict editing process to sculpt it into something amazing.
  • Occasionally, you’ll jump in and write some content yourself.
  • You’ll reverse engineer competitors to uncover topics that we could create content around.
  • Video content – from time to time you’ll be sent products and be asked to take photos and video footage. And
  • sometimes, yes – you’ll be in these videos.

Job details/benefits

  • Work remotely and choose your own hours (#digitalnomad)
  • 30 hrs/week ongoing
  • $2000/mo salary for the probationary period during the first 6 months. After the trial period, together we’ll evaluate and renegotiate.
  • KPI milestone bonuses after 12 months employment.
  • Free coffee beans and gear (occasionally)
  • Work directly with the founder. You’ll have the opportunity to suggest your own ideas, make improvements and learn new skills.
  • Join a fast-growing online coffee business full of lovely team members
  • Work in the industry you love