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B2B Lead Generation Copywriter

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  • 💡 Mid-Level 💡
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential 🚀
  • ✈️ Digital Nomad Friendly ✈️

About Us

Kaul Sales Partners helps companies that need new revenue, but are lacking critical capabilities in their sales and marketing functions and need Outsourced Sales.

For about the cost of a single salesperson Kaul Sales Partners Outsourced Sales team quickly integrates an agile and innovative strategy, sales, marketing, operations and technology department into our clients’ companies and executes your sales plan.

Together we’ll avoid “sales traps” that rarely work, create pipelines full of the right opportunities while bringing rapid strategic clarity, closed new business and massively reducing execution burden.

If you seek to breathe fresh strategic and financial life into your company and are frustrated with the results, stop trying to do it all by yourself and start a conversation with us.

The Role

We need someone who is a B2B lead generation expert and has experience with email outreach. Our ideal person is someone who cares about results. You need to be able create something, put it out there, get a response, then change and adapt to best help the company.

This is a B2B lead generation role but there is no cold calling. This is a position for someone who is hungry and wants to take on responsibility and constantly improve. You should be driven by results, ready to deliver, understand what worked and what didn’t. We will give you the tools you need to succeed and then be expected to pro-actively change your approach to get the best results.

We are looking for a strong writer who is capable of writing direct response offers. You must have experience with outbound email, understand the strategies, and can write engaging copy that will get people to respond and start a dialogue. You will be provided with information on the companies and it is your job to write emails to them that will good responses. You have to have an understanding of business, markets, company organization, and titles. We will provide all the information for you to succeed but you have to come to the table with the business acumen to properly interpret what is going on.

The tools you will be using include Slack, Google Drive, and Each client has its own Slack channel where we will communicating. is our sales CRM where there will be info shared on the leads. Our ideal candidate will also have good Excel skills. We don’t use an email service provider. We have a spreadsheet of snippet merge fields full of information on leads. You will use this to write a template and tell a story about the company. That means you need to synthesize a lot of information, create personas, and write copy that will connect with with them.

The position will start part-time but the new hire will be expected to go full time. We will pay a monthly retainer.


  • Clever and strong writer.
  • Analytical eye and business acumen.
  • Understanding of how to create results, share feedback, change and adapt based on what is best.
  • Ability to use email as an outbound lead generation tool.
  • B2B copywriting and lead generation experience.
  • Previous experience in design and execution of lead generation strategies using outbound and inbound approaches.
  • You may be located anywhere but you must be a native English speaker.