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Content Manager

Website Lower Street

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What We Do

Lower Street is a fully remote podcast production company, helping enterprise and startup clients create great audio content. There are eleven of us on the team so far – spread across six countries – and we are looking to add more!

We are serving a growing client base (which is as global as we are) with a mixture of ongoing, month-to-month productized production services, and seasonal-based strategy work.

We’re looking to move the business into the next phase of growth in 2019 and are searching for the right person to help us deliver amazing work to our clients, interfacing between them and the team of audio editors, writers, and designers.

If you’re obsessed with podcasts, super organised with a hawk eye for detail, and love systems and process, this could be for you

Here’s Why Our Team Love Working at Lower Street

Some of the team here at Lower Street

“I like the fact that I get to have a lot of freedom. Suggestions are encouraged and actually listened to – so I can have a positive impact on the business which I appreciate a lot! Everyone in the team is really nice and communicative, and everyone is doing their best work. Actually, I think my favourite part of working with LS is the team; it’s a young, creative, energetic and international team and it’s truly a pleasure to work with them.”  – Oana, Content Manager

“The work itself is fun and interesting—I get to listen to podcasts and learn while I’m working, and it’s a cool variety of stuff, too. I also like that I can do the work on my own time, and that’s super important to me as a freelancer: the flexibility. The other huge thing is having regular, project/assignment-based work each week—that’s awesome, and it means I can relax some knowing the work will be there. And, the team’s great as well!” – Paula, Writer

Lower Street is a merry band of freelancers that really care about amazing output. Most of our writers, audio editors, and managers have other gigs and clients. But what we provide is a steady and consistent flow of work (that pays on time every month) with an awesome team that supports each other. Which allows each individual to focus on doing their best work.

As a result, most of our team have been with us over a year, and some since the start of the business.

The Opportunity

Delivering awesome work on schedule is crucial to our business. One of the reasons clients choose to work with us is to make sure they can ship their show on a consistent basis, knowing the detail is taken care of and their shows air when they’re meant to. So we need someone that can manage the flow of deliverables between our internal production team, the end client, and the podcasts’ distribution channels, ensuring those deadlines are met every time.

Because our client base is growing, we need to bring on more Content Managers to helps manage the delivery of our services. Day-to-day tasks include management of the Trello board, checking emails and responding to client inquiries, checking in with the team on Slack to ensure work is on schedule and troubleshooting any issues there may be – technical or operational – and quality checking/proofing the work that is going out of the door.

This is a client facing role that requires an awesome communicator. Seriously, good communication – internally and externally – is the number one thing we’re looking for here. Next on the list is a high level of attention to detail. The position suits someone that loves processes and is always looking for ways to optimize and automate. Someone that learns from mistakes and puts systems in place to ensure they don’t happen again.

As a team, we communicate through Slack, Trello, and email. Most communication with clients will be done over email, and internally we use Slack. We don’t expect our team to be on Slack and checking email 24/7, however, everyone is expected to respond in a reasonable time frame and be available when needed to ensure we meet deadlines.

After training in March and april with the current Content Manager, the new hire will be managing up to ten accounts independently. This may be reduced as the content management team expands to spread the load.

This is a freelance position, but this isn’t a one-off project. We’re looking for someone who is ready to work long-term and grow with us, taking on more responsibilities over time. There is the opportunity to manage other Content Managers eventually as we continue to expand. We are a young company but most of our team has been with us for over a year. We’d like to keep that average up by working with only the most awesome people. Like you, I hope!


  • A podcast obsessive 🙂
  • Super strong communicator (fluent English a non-negotiable) – can’t overemphasise this one!
  • People person – you love connecting with people from all over the world
  • Top organization skills – alphabetising your bookshelf is a fun pastime for you
  • An insanely keen eye for detail – like, robot-eagle keen
  • Operations junky – you love systems and processes
  • Experience with content marketing and some form of client interaction – account management, customer support etc.
  • Responsive and adaptable – things move fast on the internet
  • Podcasting and audio engineering experience are a plus but not required
  • A keenness to learn and contribute to a growing and evolving business
  • Fun to work with – you’re chatty and add energy to the Slack channel

We’re hoping to hire someone here in the next couple of weeks to get up to speed with our existing Content Manager. So if we find the right fit, we’re keen to get you on board quickly.

Your location isn’t super important, but since most of our clients are in North America, being located in a close timezone is a plus. You will be able to work your own schedule but we have deadlines that must be kept; therefore, you need to be available, checking in on things, and staying on top of communication regularly.

We are much more interested in hiring for the right personality – someone who loves organization, systems, and process (and podcasts!), someone who is in it for the long term and excited for what we do as a business – than we are for directly relevant professional experience. The new hire will need to get up to speed fast, but we’re committed to educating and supporting the right person to do a great job and grow with the roll.

Pay is structured as $100 per weekly podcast client that you manage per month. $200 for the first month with a new client, due to onboarding processes. Bonuses, opportunities for growth and taking on more responsibilities are there for the right person. The successful candidate will be managing up to ten accounts.

If you want to help a young and exciting business to develop, we’d love to hear from you.

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