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Customer Happiness Manager

Website MaidThis Cleaning

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Who we are

The most kick-ass cleaning company in the entire world. “Cleaning, like house cleaning? Seriously?” Yup that’s what we do and we’re pretty awesome at it. We’re based in sunny Los Angeles, California but our operations team works completely remotely….we have workers in California, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa, and India at the moment. We do regular residential and vacation rental cleaning in multiple cities in California and are looking to expand rapidly across other cities in the US.

Who you are

You are likely an ambitious and very organized individual who is looking to work remotely and grow within the company. You are looking for a challenging role that involves day-to-day critical thinking, communicating with customers, and presenting our company in a great way. You’re likely looking for a role that allows you to work remotely, and trying to find a company that has an awesome culture.

The Role

The Customer Happiness Manager’s (CHM) job is to ensure high customer retention (6+ months). The CHM will achieve this predominantly by: (i) checking in with customers after their first recurring cleaning to make sure they are happy, (ii) handle customer complaints and make sure the customers are taken care of. You will be in charge of the “Regular Residential Customers” division within MaidThis. This role will expand based on performance.

Day to Day Work with Our Customers

Customer Complaint Handling

Time expectation: ~6 hours per week

If there is a customer with a complaint, the CHM will need to contact the unhappy customer and come to a resolution on the issue. This includes reviewing all of the Ratings Emails from regular residential customers and responding to them as needed. If there is a same-day customer who has a big complaint, either CHM will need to get on a call with the customer and soothe the situation.

Refund/credit guidelines will be provided.

New Recurring Customer Check Ups

Time expectation: ~3-4 hours per week

The BEST way to ensure that new recurring customers are happy is to contact them after the first cleaning and see how things went! Then you can update notes, set expectations, and make sure things are smooth going forward (aka make sure the customer is no longer “High Risk”).

  • The CHM will call the customer 1-2 days after their scheduled cleaning, which ensures that the cleaning is still fresh in the customer’s mind.
  • If the customer does not pick up, the CHM will send an email to the customer with a personal VIDEO (so you’ll need to be comfortable in front of a camera).
  • The CHM will then place the customers into the relevant list in the CRM, which will begin an automated email process.
  • CHM will encourage the customer to leave an online review via Google or Yelp. Instructions will be provided on the best way to do this.

Recurring Customer Cancellation (“Churned Customers”) Handling

Time expectation: ~3-4 hours per week

If a recurring customer cancels, the CHM will need to contact the customer via our set ActiveCampaign automated follow up process and try to get them back! The CHM will start the automated email sequence to get the customer back, and also CALL the customer to try to win them back.

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