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Managing Editor


DC MEMBER The Dynamite Circle (the DC) is an exclusive community of more than 1,200 established entrepreneurs. – An opportunity to write about coffee!


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ABOUT HOMEGROUNDS.CO publishes content to serve the coffee lover market (let’s call them ‘home baristas’) on how to brew and enjoy better coffee at home. Our audience love to source, grind, brew and enjoy quality coffee beans at home. For them, it’s not about saving money, nor is it simply about having a caffeine it. It’s about the process – brewing coffee is a passion.

We have strong values, which tie in with our marketing ‘angle’:

We support:

  • High quality products and beans
  • Sustainability

We don’t support:

  • Low quality coffee; this includes instant coffee, and coffee bought off the shelves at the grocery store.
  • Products which directly impact the destruction of the environment (e.g. pod machines, unethically sourced coffee)

Note: While scrolling through the blog you may notice things that conflict with the above values. That is because these values have formulated over time but where not apparent in the beginning. We are in the process of re-doing old content and giving the site a makeover to reflect these value.


Over the next 12 months we are planning for strong growth and will be launching a number of our own products through an online store.

We need someone to step into a managing editor role to help us with our journey by overseeing the production and publishing of amazing content.

Our philosophy with content: We publish the best content in this space. It’s better than our competitors in every way.

Are you an editor/writer type who would like to improve his/her skills on a site that already has traction? Are you organised, motivated, detail-oriented and committed to producing amazing content that will be seen by thousands of people each month?

If this sounds like you; this is your gig!

Requirements – must haves:

  • Excellent written English and communication – This goes without saying for a role like this.
  • Passion and/or knowledge for the home coffee brewing market (Not instant coffee or K-cup coffee, but real coffee)
  • Copyediting/proof reading skills – besides the obvious tasks like checking spelling and grammar, you’ll be: ‘editing/cutting down’ content (remove filler content), checking facts, checking for plagiarism etc.
  • The ability to create content brief – Amazing content starts with planning. Sometimes you’ll plan out the entire article and its headings for a writer; other times you’ll only need to provide basic guidance. It’s up to you to decide what should be included in an article. We already have templates and some guidance.
  • The ability to manage other team members – In order to get the content from standard to amazing, you’ll need to coordinate with writers, designers and VA’s (who add the content to wordpress). Think of them as your team, to help you achieve your goal.
  • The ability to brainstorm media for content – Once you receive a written article, you’ll need to brainstorm image/media ideas that will turn it from good to great, and then instruct our designer on making these images. Stock images just won’t do.
  • Highly organised – We use trello to manage our content calendar. You should have some experience with Trello or a similar tool.
  • High attention to detail –  You’ll need to be meticulous in your editing. “How you do anything is how you do everything”
  • WordPress management skills – You should know your way around wordpress. After all; you will be hitting ‘publish’.
  • A basic understanding of SEO and Keywords – most (not all) articles will come with a set of KWs ( recommended by our in hour SEO). You’ll need to make sure these KWs appear in the right areas, the right number of times (some guidance provided). You should understand KW intent.

Here are a few article on our site; this is the standard we are looking for:

Here’s some examples from our blog!

Requirements – nice-to-have (not critical):

  • Graphic design skills
  • Basic photography skills
  • Experience with an SEO tool called ahrefs
  • Relationships with other bloggers/websites (due to experience in a similar role)

Some examples of what you’ll be doing right away

Updating old content (content ‘renovations’)

  • Adding/brainstorming media
  • Updating/editing written content so it aligns with out vision
  • Adding content based on relevant KWs
  • Formatting/restructuring to improve readability

Creating new content

  • Each month you’ll be required to publish 2-3 pieces of high quality content
  • You’ll be given some guidance (via KWs) on topic choice
  • You’ll also be required to suggest content that we should have (look at competitors)

Benefits / Details

  • Work remotely and choose your own hours (#digitalnomad)
  • 20-30 hrs/week ongoing
  • $18/hour paid fortnightly (negotiable based on skills and experience)
  • 2 weeks paid holiday every 6 months work
  • Free coffee beans and gear (occasionally)
  • Work directly with the founder. You’ll have the opportunity to suggest your own ideas, make improvements and learn new skills.
  • Profit share opportunities after 1 years employment (based on KPI’s)
  • Join a fast growing online coffee business full of lovely team members

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