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Full Stack Digital Marketer

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Website Measure School

DC MEMBER The Dynamite Circle (the DC) is an exclusive community of more than 1,200 established entrepreneurs.


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Hi there, I’m Julian. I’m a Digital Analyst, Technical Marketer, YouTuber and founder of – the prime destination for Marketers to learn all about Tracking, Analytics, and Marketing Tech. Since 2014 our little site and YouTube channel have grown to be an authority for technical-minded and data-driven marketers all around the world. We are gearing up for another exciting year. Do you want to come along?

MeasureSchool is a small (remote) company build by passion and the love for data. This means it’s is the perfect place to try out new ideas, learn a ton by doing and take over responsibility normally handled by a management team.

What is the opportunity?

We are searching for a full-time Digital Marketer, who can help attract new audiences and turn viewers into customers. This is not a β€œbeginner” position, because you will need to know what you are doing and come up with new and creative plans to move MeasureSchool forward. Furthermore, you will be working very β€œhands-on”, creating campaigns from scratch (including designing Landing Pages, Copywriting and managing Ad Spent).

As part of your work you will help to build MeasureSchool, which will include:

  • Building Landing Pages
  • Helping with Product Launches
  • Optimizing PPC Campaigns
  • Running surveys to understand our custom
  • Reporting on important metrics of your campaign
  • Setting up longterm marketing strategies and managing freelancers
  • Optimizing YouTube rankings
  • and more…

Who is this for?

To be upfront: This isn’t for everyone. You need to already have some experience in the wider digital Marketing field. We expect you to work full-time on projects and really have an impact on the organization, which requires focus, hustle and persistence. You will also need some of those skills:

– You need to be a doer
Since our team is still very small, there is no one to take do your work for you. Yet, there is always something to create or improve. You will be part of building up the processes, team and projects and we’ll need you to be actively β€œdoing” to take on tasks that produce results.

– You already need to be a Digital Marketer

Hands-On experience in marketing a product online is necessary for this job. You ideally have dove into one of the big digital marketing specialties (SEO, PPC, Display etc) already and know the advantages/disadvantages of the remaining channels, can manage ad spent and report on results. With your knowledge, you can quickly spot new opportunities and put your mind to work on building up new channels in an efficient way.

– You need to be a communicator

Not only will we communicate a lot in the written form (Email, Chat) but you will also be copywriting our marketing material. Good (preferably native) writing skill is therefore necessary.

– You need to have your own drive

Working remote means freedom of choice when it comes to your workplace, but also means, there is not much handholding involved. We, therefore, need you to be self-disciplined, hardworking and driven to have an impact. When you hit a roadblock you have no problem communicating it to the team, staying open and transparent and express your ideas freely.

What’s in it for you?

Apart from being working remote (you can work from wherever you want – you can sit at home and work in your underwear if you wish so…), we think you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Hands-on practical digital marketing experience working on a growing business
  • Be surrounded by an awesome customer base that lives and breathes digital marketing
  • Continuously improve through (online) training, go to conferences and make connections in the industry
  • Use as your creative outlet. If you have an idea in mind that would benefit the audience, let’s bring it to live and publish it
  • Be part of an exciting little Startup, where you get to learn from the owner and directly impact the business with your work.

Compensation is both competitive and negotiable.

Ready to dive in? Let’s talk.

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