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Customer Service Agent

Website Mixtiles


  • 💲Competitive Salary and Perks💲
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential 🚀

What is Mixtiles?

Mixtiles is a 100% remote eCommerce start-up revolutionizing how people put photos on walls. Canvas prints and framed photos are outdated products that haven’t seen innovation in years. We’re using software, industrial design and operational excellence to renovate the entire experience, starting from your phone. Check out our apps (iOS, Android) and our video!

We love our customers, we want to give them excellent service, and we need your help. Every day, you’ll hang out in the comfort of your living room (or home office), read about two hundred and fifty messages from our Spanish-speaking customers, and decide what to do with them.

Some messages you’ll recognize as something you can handle. You’ll pick the right response, tweak it, add something friendly, and send it on its way. Other times, you’ll recognize the message as something that’s best handled by Sandra, and you’ll pass it to her. (Sandra is great to work with by the way.)

We’ll always be friendly, we’ll always pay well, and we’ll always take your needs seriously. You’ll always care about providing excellent service.


  • You are fluent in Spanish. You speak Spanish on a native level.
  • You also speak great English. Mixtiles is a global company that communicates internally in English, so you have strong written and spoken English skills.
  • You’re an excellent writer in Spanish. People like you just from the way you write. Your writing is fun, caring, error-free and authentic.
  • You’re reliable. You’ll read our customers’ messages carefully and always respond correctly. You’ll be on time.
  • You care. You want to help people, and you want to give people great service.


    • Competitive salary: Our formula is to pay top 5% in the market.
    • 100% remote working culture: No time wasted on commuting. See your kids (or dogs) more. Work serves life, not the other way around.

Why Work at Mixtiles?

    • Our product is cool. You work on stuff your family would love, stuff that matters to everybody – not just corporations.
    • We’re seeing massive growth. It creates change. Change is interesting. Change is challenging.
    • We move fast. No group meetings, they crush your soul. Have clear ownership of your work. Own failures, own successes.
    • We’re a very small team. Basically, a playground for amazing people to move the needle.
We’ll always be friendly, we’ll always pay well, we’ll always take your needs seriously, and work is always from home. We’d love to hear from you!