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Marketing Manager

Website Netalico

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About Us

Netalico was founded by Mark in 2012 as a website development company. The company quickly grew with clients and the team expanded. Netalico started to specialize over the years and now focuses on building ecommerce sites based on Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. There are now four full-time people on the team as well as many contractors. Mark and the rest of the Netalico team are ready to add another full-time person to the team.

The Opportunity

This is a brand new position we have created. Since everyone on the team is busy working with clients, we never took the time to focus on our own site and marketing channels. All of our clients have come in from word of mouth, however, now is the time to expand our outreach. That is why we are looking for someone to come in and lead our marketing. You’ll be given the tools and support you need to make an impact, but you should be comfortable working independently. This is a position that offers a lot of room for growth and the potential to build and lead the marketing team. We are looking for someone who is driven by results, can set goals and strategies, track KPIs, and communicate to us what is happening.

We aren’t necessarily looking for someone who has a lot of experience. The ideal person is someone who has an understanding of what we are trying to do, a proven track record, and is hungry to make an impact, learn, and grow with a company. We would like to start full-time with the right person, however, if you end up being a great fit but can only do part-time for a while, we can arrange something. Our ideal candidate is someone who is invested in what we do and wants to grow long-term with us.

As for location, most of our team is located in the U.S. You can be located anywhere you’d like but it will be convenient and efficient to be available during some U.S. business hours a day.

What Will You Be Doing?

The first project will be to improve our site and prepare it for visitors. You should have an understanding of how to improve a website, UX, SEO, and how to set up landing pages. Our site is based on WordPress so you should be comfortable maneuvering this platform. You’ll be working with Mark, our developers, and our designer to re-purpose the site.

Once the site development is underway, you will then begin to strategize and execute on different marketing channels. Because all of our business has come word of mouth, we haven’t experimented with many marketing channels. It will be up to you to find out where our target market is and how to connect with them. We would like to start experimenting with content marketing and social media but we are very open to experimentation with various channels.

Many of our clients are also in need of marketing assistance because they don’t have internal marketing people. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with our clients to offer areas of improvements and recommendations.

As the Marketing Director, you won’t necessarily be responsible for doing all of these different things, but you will be responsible for finding and managing the right talent.

We communicate via Slack and Asana. We rarely have calls and meetings so you must be strong at written communication and be very comfortable working independently.

Required Skills

  • Copywriting and an understanding of SEO
  • Experience re-working sites from a marketing perspective (improving content, landing pages, user experience)
  • Understanding of WordPress as well as ecommerce platforms.
  • Ability to create and execute marketing campaigns
  • PPC and media buying
  • Social media management and paid social ads
  • Able to hire and manage contractors
  • General understanding of digital marketing and desire to learn

Benefits and Perks

We offer competitive salaries as well as health-insurance reimbursement stipends to our full-time employees. We do our best to provide an environment where our employees are rewarded for their work, respected, given the tools and support they need, and encouraged to consistently learn and grow.

Do you think you’re a good fit?

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the position and the opportunity. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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