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Operations Manager for a rapidly growing Youtube channel

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Website Pencilmation


  • ✈️ Digital Nomad Friendly ✈️
  • πŸš€ High Growth Potential πŸš€
  • πŸ”‘ Report to Founder πŸ”‘

Our Story:

I run a Youtube channel called Pencilmation, specializing in cartoon animation. This channel has grown exponentially in the past couple years, currently doing over 350 million views per month.

I’ve been hiring lots of artists of all kinds, setting up an administrative structure, building a production pipeline, and essentially flying by the seat of my pants.

We have a decent organization in place with about 30 full-time artists, directors, and production people, but we are still looking for additional assistance to fully flesh out the team.

Eventually we seek to migrate to more steady sources of income and potentially serve our series to media outlets other beyond simply YouTube or perhaps to pitch to television networks.

What’s the opportunity?

I’m looking to hire a full-time production/operations manager.

The ideal hire isΒ someone with experience managing production or operations that can come in and learn the system I have set up so far, work with the team and steer and improve the system, so that I have more time to continue to advance the creative vision.

The key things I want to be able to know on a regular basis is how much work is getting done, how much is it costing us, and how much do we need to budget for current and future projects.

Our Team:

The team is scattered all around the world, but the production folks are in Western Canada and Australia, so it would be ideal if you would work a PST schedule, communicating with me and Canada in the morning as needed and Australia in the afternoon. Communication takes place via email, Skype, and Dropbox, so it is essential that you are proficient with computers.

Thanks in advance to everyone that writes in, and we look forward to reading your responses!