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Operations Manager growing to Chief of Staff



  • πŸ’‘ Mid Level πŸ’‘
  • ✈️ Travel Required ✈️
  • 🏝 Company Retreats 🏝
  • πŸ”‘ Report to President πŸ”‘
  • πŸš€ High Growth Potential πŸš€
  • πŸ—Ί Anywhere in the Americas πŸ—Ί (close to U.S. PST and CST preferred)
  • πŸ’² Competitive Salary and Perks πŸ’²


A new company (NewCo) in the financial software services space has recently secured funding and they are growing their team. NewCo will release more details publicly in the coming weeks. They are looking for an Operations Manager to bring on as one of their earliest hires and will work directly under the company’s president. The ideal candidate is someone who is very familiar with setting and achieving quarterly goals, managing people, thoroughly understands remote company culture, and is ready to be a part of a fast-moving start-up.

The Role of Operations Manager

NewCo is looking for someone who has experience setting quarterly and yearly goals, breaking down and managing projects, and can hold people accountable. This position requires the skills of a project manager but the role is beyond that. The company will have be having quarterly retreats as well as a yearly retreat so there will be some mandatory travel.

Day to Day

You’ll be handling very operational things that will be handed to you by the president.

As the Operations Manager, you will be:

  • Updating the and sharing metrics
  • Making sure projects are getting done
  • Managing all quarterly projects and initiatives
  • Implementing new projects and initiatives while ensuring everything is properly prepared and formatted

Over time this role will grow into more of a true Chief of Staff role with growing responsibilities but you will continue to report to the president.

The Ideal Candidate

This is a mid-level role that would be ideal for someone who has between five and seven years of experience. However, this could also be for someone who has recently finished their MBA and has just a few years of experience under their belt.

You should be very experienced with the tactics and processes from books such as Rockefeller Habits, Scaling Up, and Traction. In the words from Traction, we are looking for someone that fits the β€œIntegrator”. We are looking for someone who has implemented or been part of an organization that the methods in these books and delivered results to the organizations they have been a part of.

This means you should be:

  • Analytical
  • Thrive on and drive process
  • Detail and results driven
  • Understand quarterly and yearly planning
  • Someone who loves spreadsheets.

We’re looking for someone who knows how to measure, watch, and improve.

Experience working with software companies is necessary but that doesn’t mean those companies had to be in the SaaS category. While at the software company you should have had experience managing teams, projects, and implementing solutions that delivered measurable results.

You may be located anywhere but it’s best if you are near or work in Central and Pacific time in the U.S. Most of the team is currently located in Pacific time. This is a remote startup so you should be someone who has not only worked remotely but has bought into the remote culture and can contribute as well as help grow the culture.

If you know you are the person for this role and this is an opportunity you would love to be a part of then we want to hear from you! There are real people reviewing your application, not machines, and we are all looking forward to reading about how you can help our company!