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Outreach Specialist

  • Full Time
  • Anywhere
  • This position has been filled

Website Neomam Studios

Your main goal is to build links to our clients’ websites and in order to do that, you will get our content covered by the biggest sites on the Internet.

Main responsibilities

  1. Deliver results for every campaign as per the NeoMam guarantee
  2. Pitch content to journalists, editors, bloggers and webmasters
  3. Real time problem-solving on open campaigns – from identifying campaigns at risk of failing to deciding on next steps to turn them around
  4. Keep track of and report on links achieved
  5. Build relationships with the media

The ideal candidate

  • At least one year of experience successfully promoting digital content and pitching stories to online publishers.
  • Excellent organisation skills to launch and manage multiple campaigns at once.
  • Ability to plan the use of your time as you’ll be working from home.
  • An open and honest approach to communicating with others.
  • Willingness to learn and take on feedback to improve.
  • Ability to think creatively around an issue and make decisions under pressure.
  • Is a self-starter who enjoys working independently.
You might also have experience working as part of a digital marketing or PR agency – that would be a nice to have but it is not mandatory.

A day in the life of NeoMam’s Outreach Specialist 

  • Building a list of popular and trustworthy sites that will want to share our campaign ‘7 ancient ruins around the world, reconstructed’ with their readers.
  • Finding the best journalist at Elle Decor to email about our campaign ‘If 6 children’s authors designed your baby’s nursery’.
  • Following up with the senior editor of GQ Australia to request a publication date for their article on the campaign ‘7 luxury cars re-imagined as city cars’.
  • Sending an email to a journalist who writes for to request credit back to our client in their article about the campaign ‘7 hybrid cities brought to life’.
  • Flagging up a campaign at risk of failing during the weekly huddle and proposing a new approach for the support round of outreach.
  • Sharing big wins with the rest of the team on a regular basis so everyone is aware of how campaigns are performing in real time.
  • Giving feedback to our managing editor about the first draft of a new project.

What this role is not

  • This is not a ‘jack of all trades’ role. You won’t be asked to come up with ideas, you won’t have to do desk research or write copy, you won’t need to jump on calls with clients, you won’t perform administrative tasks or spend hours building reports. You will be accountable for only one thing: building links to our clients’ sites with our content.
  • You will not report on anything but links. Every single campaign we launch into the world has only one goal: to get links for the client. There is no estimated views, impressions, engagement metrics, unlinked brand mentions, reach or social media shares that will save us when a campaign failed to deliver links.
  • You will not pay for links. We put a lot of effort, time, money and thought into every piece of content we produce, and we know that we need to be able to learn from our failures if we’re going to be the best at what we do – we wouldn’t be able to do that if we paid people to share our content. In addition to this, we refuse to put our clients at risk of getting their website penalised.

The specifics

  • Hours: Monday-Friday, available between 10am and 5pm UK
  • Salary: £29,000-£32,000 ($41,000 USD-$45,000 USD) based on experience
  • Location: Remote
  • 86