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Production Manager Needed for Rapidly Growing YouTube Channel

Website Pencilmation


  • 💡 Mid-Level 💡
  • 🔑 Report to Founder 🔑
  • 🗺 Anywhere in North America🗺 (Preferably able to work in PST time)

About Us

We run a YouTube channel called Pencilmation that specializes in cartoon animation. Our channel has grown exponentially in the past couple of years, with currently 7.6 million YouTube subscribers and ¼ billion monthly views.

We essentially exist as an online animation studio employing upwards of 30 personnel who all work remotely. We are looking to hire a Production Manager who can come in and learn the system that has been created and work with the team while proposing and executing changes that will successfully and effectively scale up production in a significant yet measured way.

This will allow us to grow out our pipeline and expand to the point where we are taking on additional projects including further series either online or via television/network service.


We already have a system in place for tracking production using spreadsheets and a production coordinator that organizes everything and keeps everyone on track. We also currently do a weekly production report that highlights what is getting done/not getting done and would like someone who can overhaul our report and take the initiative to achieve our company goals.

You should be able to quantify and relay how much work is getting done in each department as well as be able to come up with future projections regarding timelines and staffing needs to help foresee and resolve potential problems. Essentially you would function as our Chief Operating Officer; overseeing everything Pencilmation and providing us with the information we need to make proper executive decisions.

You will be working very closely with our Production Coordinator who is located in Melbourne as well as our CFO and CEO who are located in Toronto and New York respectively. Therefore, your working hours would need to overlap both timezones. Ideally, you would need to be located in the West Coast and/or to be willing to work in PST.

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