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SEO Consultant

Website Performance Foundry


  • 💡 Mid Level 💡
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential 🚀
  • 💲 Competitive Salary and Perks 💲
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the Americas or Europe🗺 


Performance Foundry is looking for a part-time SEO consultant who understands technical, on-page SEO, crawling, keyword research, and competitive analysis. This is a very flexible position that can be done from anywhere in the world and an opportunity to join a fun, passionate team while remaining part-time or full-time if you choose.

About Us

Performance Foundry specializes in better WordPress websites for businesses worldwide. The company is distributed all over the world. They help corporate sites, E-commerce and membership sites, blogs, publishing platforms, and more.

Performance Foundry is all about better websites through strategy, design, development, and optimization. We believe in systems and best practices, but the conversation always comes first.

– The Performance Foundry Team

The company has been growing and the owner, Craig, is replacing himself from more of the client-facing work to allow the company to scale and better serve its customers.

The Role

Craig is looking for someone who can take over most of the company’s SEO consulting. This is a part-time role that could merge into the Web Strategist role that the company is also hiring for. The team would like to bring someone on casually with a set number of hours each week. Currently, the work is at 5-10 hours a week. Some weeks it will float up to 15-20 hours. There’s the opportunity to remain part-time or increase hours and responsibilities. Even though you’ll be part-time, we want to make sure you feel like a member of the team and our culture.

We are not looking for someone to come and do link-building and inbound SEO.

We focus on technical, on-page SEO, keyword research, and competitive research. We use crawl results from tools such as Moz, DeepCrawl, and Screaming Frog. We analyze our clients’ sites and make adjustments accordingly. We also do competitive research by assessing the ranking of our clients’ competitors and then helping our clients rank higher.

As the SEO Consultant, you’ll be conducting these crawl and log analyses, and then writing reports and preparing them for clients. All of this is done with the purpose of making sure we can achieve the goals of our clients.

Working at Performance Foundry and Koru Group

Performance Foundry is a brand of Koru Group Ltd. A role at Koru Group Ltd means being part of a global team of engaged, curious and humble people, doing the best for our clients together. Performance Foundry loves diversity, and we welcome candidates from all walks of life.

We have full-time and part-time contractors spread all over the world and they are organized into three different teams covering three different time zones. We look to hire people for the long-term and provide them the resources and opportunities they need to continue to grow and love being a part of our team.

Because we work remotely, it’s important to be connected in our work, in our professional communities, and our personal lives. Care about your colleagues, connect in person as you travel, stay in touch even when you are far away. You’re working, but you’re a person, not a machine.

While we have standard processes, we never stop learning, changing, or improving: we are curious people. We like to learn, and we like to teach, improving ourselves and making the whole team stronger.

We all have things we like to do and areas we love to specialize in, but being part of a team means doing what needs to be done. Nothing is too good for us, or “not my job” – We actively look for ways to make our colleagues’ work easier.


Koru Group Ltd has a virtual team with staff either traveling or working from their own homes and/or cafes and co-working spaces. We celebrate and enjoy the freedom and creativity this brings, but realize it can be hard to know how much work to do.

You will be responsible for tracking your own hours and there will be some compulsory meetings to attend each week.

As a global team, there are people working in every timezone. You do not need to respond to messages outside of your work hours, except in a case of emergency or for pre-arranged meetings.

In some cases, you may be asked to work over a particular time range to achieve a project goal. We expect you to make every effort to achieve this.

We may run staff/contractor meet-ups or help finance conference or similar professional development opportunities from time to time in locations around the world. If invited, we hope you will attend if possible.


  • Fully remote company and culture, so you’re never out of the loop.
  • Flexible work hours; and paid time off for full-time contractors.
  • Pay is competitive and based on experience. We believe in supporting our team and offer opportunities for raises and growth.
  • Satisfaction, as you work with a diverse, fun group of people to do cool stuff for great clients

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