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PPC Manager

Website Webleaf


  • đź’˛Competitive Salary and Perksđź’˛

This role requires you to take complete ownership of the day to day management of 3-5 AdWords accounts for our clients. Examples of required tasks include:

  • Daily review of account performance
  • Creating well organized, efficient, properly structured accounts
  • Writing ad copy and experimenting to increase performance
  • Optimising bids in search, display, shopping, and remarketing campaigns
  • Paying attention to details in the account to optimise every aspect including things like extensions, device modifications, and audiences
  • Writing weekly and monthly performance reports according to client needs
  • Learning things you’ve never learned before

You will work with each account as if it were your business, getting to know each account inside and out in order to accelerate performance.

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for someone with experience:

  • Managing Google Ads accounts (bonus points for Ecommerce experience)
  • Working with search, display, retargeting, and shopping campaigns
  • Analysing data with a keen focus on ROI
  • Working remotely who can organize and structure your own day (no micromanagers here)

We need to be able to chat with you about things like ROAS, Quality Scores, bid adjustments, dynamic retargeting, dynamic keyword insertion, extensions, attribution models, and cross-domain tracking.

AdWords certifications are a plus.

We are also looking for someone with native level English, preferably within +/- 2 hours of UK time.

Skills and experience are important, but what we value most is someone who shares our culture and our values. We value honesty, vulnerability, self-awareness, energy, and enthusiasm.

You’re likely to excel in this role if you value routine and structure that you can design and implement. You find joy in seeing a challenge, dividing it into achievable tasks, and ticking through those tasks day by day while all the time delivering a high level of service to clients and colleagues.

You are self-motivated, and happy working remotely. You take initiative identifying problems and opportunities, developing solutions without waiting for permission.

What we value

We care about the world around us and the people in it.

Relationships are important to us.

We like profit, but not at any cost.

We love the energy created when teams work together.

We develop ourselves constantly and love change.

We like simplicity, fun and adventure.

We love creating.

Where & How You’ll Work

  • You’ll be working remotely, from wherever you feel best and most productive.
  • Working hours are highly flexible, we will work together to meet the objectives of the business and serve our clients. We value the freedom to choose how and when we work.
  • There may be ad-hoc requirements to communicate with clients and meet deadlines.
  • We understand the importance of taking proper breaks, holidays and looking after our health.

Salary & benefits

  • Salary depending on experience and location
  • You’ll be part of an enthusiastic & supportive environment
  • Highly flexible schedule and holidays
  • Access to coaching & training as required