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Publishing Parrot is hiring remotely

Publishing Parrot 2 weeks ago

Content Creator

Anywhere · Freelance/Project Based




  • 🧨 Staff Pick
  • 💥 Work for a DCer
  • 🔑 Report to Founder
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential
  • 🗣 Native English Speaker
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the World
  • 📅 Applications close on Jun 17th

Now Hiring: Remote Content Creator

I’m looking for a content creator to join a startup offering publishing services for authors. You’ll receive a book to evaluate and your job will be to adapt the book into new formats (like an online course, a workbook, or an illustrated book). You need to have strong reading and writing skills. Initially, you’ll be paid per project but later we can negotiate a full-time/part-time salary. The job is 100% remote and flexible. I’d like to work with candidates who have a long-term outlook and want to help grow an exciting startup.

About Us

Publishing Parrot turns bestselling books into new products including workbooks, video courses, illustrated books, audiobooks, and more. Our clients are self-published authors who want to build new income streams and spread the message about their books through new formats and markets.

I started this company to help authors diversify their self-publishing business and help reach more readers without putting much effort into content production. I’m currently hiring content evaluators/creators because they’ll be key employees in this company, providing ideas on how to turn an existing book into something similar, but new, and then turning these ideas into reality.

About the Role

I’m looking to hire a few candidates for a paid test job involving turning some bestselling books into a workbook. The best candidates will be hired for more projects. You’ll report directly to me, the founder.

I’ll give you some instructions to start but this job requires you to be creative and provide your own ideas. We’ll communicate via email and possibly via Skype.

Day to Day

Typical day to day for future projects:

You’ll receive a book to read. Your job will be to provide ideas on different formats this book can be turned into (unless the author is clear what they want).

For example, you’ll realize that the book would be helpful in a workbook format with daily exercises and journaling prompts. If accepted by the author, your job will be to create a workbook based on the content of the book.

To give you another example, you might realize that the book would work well as an animated video course. If the author agrees, you’ll take the key lessons from the book and turn them into a script for the course.

Essentially, you’ll be taking existing content and repurposing it so that it can reach new readers interested in a different format.

You’ll work in Word and read the books using your favorite digital reading solution (I’ll provide you with the books). You need to have strong reading and writing skills because the job will require you to write content based on the existing content and you’ll need to write it in a similar style to the original book.

Long Term

You’ll start with books written by lesser-known authors who are looking to expand into new formats. Eventually, the goal is to work with well-known bestselling authors. Your role might turn into a team coordinator or a COO.

Ideal Candidates

I’d like to grow Publishing Parrot into a fun company of creative people who enjoy helping authors spread their message through different multimedia formats. This means that I’d like to work with easygoing but dedicated and reliable candidates who are passionate about reading and writing. I value my freedom A LOT—and I don’t want to steal yours. This is why the job is 100% remote and flexible. I don’t care when and where you work as long as you get the job done.

You need to be a Native English speaker, ideally with some writing background (or at least a strong interest in reading). Since your job is creative, you need to be able to identify opportunities where others might not see them. You need to know how to use Word. At first, you’ll report only to me, but with future jobs, you’ll be working with clients directly, mostly via email. Skype calls might be sometimes unavoidable, so you need to be comfortable talking with strangers via video/audio calls.

Nice-to-haves include previous experience working as a freelance writer, a blogger, or any other position in which you created content. If you’re also a talented graphic designer, that’s even better as I might have more work for you.

You need to have the ability to condense a book into key takeaways (including exercises for workbooks, an abridged version for a video course, or key lessons for an illustrated book) so that you can create a new product without much effort on the author’s part.

Does this sound like a good fit? Add a cover letter in your application. This must start with the sentence: I’m your number one choice.

What’s in it for you?

Please offer your rate per hour. The first small test project will take roughly two-three days. The entire average project will take approximately one to two weeks.

As a perk, you’ll get to read bestselling books, turn them into something new and cool, and get paid for it! 🙂

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