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Website Subscription Company 3 months ago

Customer Support/Website Advisor

Americas · Full Time



  • 👪 Insurance
  • ✈️ Opportunity to Travel
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential
  • 📅 Applications close Apr 9
  • 💰 Competitive Salary & Perks
  • 🗺 Anywhere in the U.S. (Utah, Arizona, Maine preferred)

Now Hiring: Remote Customer Support/Website Advisor


30 Word Summary

We offer templated WordPress websites to specific small business industries. You would primarily be working with clients via email/phone to customize the content and graphics within the system we provide.

To keep information private, for competitive purposes, the company name is hidden, but more information will be provided to the candidates while they advance in the hiring process.

Please Note: Please read the entire job description and, if interested, click “Apply Now” and answer the application questions in the Google Form.

About Us

  • We provide WordPress website services (setup, hosting, updates and answering general questions) as well as social media services (we post pre-written, industry-specific tips to their social media page). Our prices are quite low (around $500/year) but we make up for it with efficient systems and by attracting a lot of clients due to our reputation and tenure in the industry.
  • We are a small, remote company (based in Maine since 2009) with employees in several states. As we are located in different states, we do not commute to an office, but we do text/voice chats with other team members, a short (15 minutes) weekly company call, and speak to clients daily.
  • We work with busy service professionals (think financial advisors, insurance agents, etc.). Our clients are small business owners, so they rely on us to make life a little easier for them. If the process feels difficult for them, we risk losing them. Being friendly and building trust and rapport with the client can be very helpful.
  • We do not install custom plugins or do custom development for our clients. Our product is a turn-key solution specific to the industry we serve. We make all changes within the framework of our product (text, photos, menu, curated resources, etc.)
  • We do not have many organized training documents for staff. We do have a variety of knowledge base articles, but we primarily rely on team member shadowing and making team members available to answer less obvious questions. We depend on new team members to be reasonably experienced and not afraid to ask questions and takes notes. We are actively working to improve our documentation so you would be welcome to help.
  • We continue to grow and will soon be offering our services to additional industries. There are a lot of opportunities to wear different hats, leverage your skills and pursue your professional interests.

About the Position


  • Enjoy helping small businesses
  • Use proper spelling, grammar, and capitalization
  • Have a quiet, dedicated workspace
  • Work a standard 8-hour day (during typical business hours), 40-hour week with dedication and focus
  • Be able to put clients at ease who may be technically unsavvy and/or frustrated by technology
  • Be able to calm down upset clients if there are misunderstandings
  • Be an active contributor to our small team where all our efforts are noticed

Typical tasks include:

  • Following up with prior sales to encourage them to get their website “launch-ready”
  • Helping a client register a domain name
  • Taking a word document of new content and replacing existing content
  • Accepting inbound sales calls (answering general questions about our product and capabilities as well as processing an incoming order. No cold calling or quotas, just assisting those already interested in buying.)
  • Adding new pages from a Microsoft Word document
  • Adding images to pages
  • Adding a link to a PDF
  • Adding or reorganizing menu items
  • Customize client layout colors using simple hex color selectors and dropdowns within our custom theme builder
  • Adding Google Maps
  • Resizing large photos sent by clients to be a more reasonable size
  • Helping clients locate a desirable stock photo for their website
  • Answering phone calls from clients and fielding general questions about what can/should be changed on their website

More technical responsibilities may include:

  • Configuring domain nameservers or CNAMEs
  • Simple HTML and WYSIWYG changes
  • Troubleshooting email issues
  • Helping clients connect Outlook to email
  • Explaining SEO basic terms and strategies
  • Suggesting website best practices, ideas and recommendations
  • Moving content from their old website to their new website

Bonus Skills – We always encourage staff to take time to work on side projects that improve the business.

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Video production
  • Voice over
  • Marketing (copyrighting, whitepapers, webinars, drip campaigns, marketing automation concepts)
  • Graphic design
  • Process documentation / improvements
  • Knowledge Base documentation

A Typical Day

  • Logging in to Hubstaff: a remote time tracking software that also takes regular screenshots while logging company time. This is one of the metrics that protects both our remote team (if someone isn’t working, it would increase the workload for others) and individual team members (as they have additional proof that they were working).
  • Logging in to Salesforce (CRM): where we do most of our work and access WordPress (SSO), and our VOIP phone system (the client’s account pops up when they call, and all calls are automatically logged under the client’s account).
  • We manage workloads by assigning Cases and Tasks within Salesforce. Cases are typically inbound emails from clients requesting updates to their websites, asking about other products we offer, etc. Tasks are how we track reminders and show a record on the client’s account that we plan to do something in the future, like following-up on a request, giving a prospect a call, etc.
  • We field a mix of inbound calls and cases throughout the day. Especially when things are busy, this will be most of the day.
  • If workloads are slower, we are expected to work on projects that better the business, increase our enjoyment, improve processes, save us time, or save us sanity. For example, making a video to address a frequently asked question (so you don’t have to explain it over and over), writing up a guide on how to do something that was unclear when you started working with the team, helping to create a new website template, exhibiting at a conference, writing an article, research a SaaS product to make your job easier, work with a contractor to accomplish a more technical project, etc. We are a small team and your contributions will be recognized and rewarded.


  • Work from home
  • Health Insurance – Subsidized plans available
  • Paid Time Off: 3 weeks including sick time. After 2 years, 4 weeks. After 5 years, 5 weeks.
  • Paid Holidays: 10
  • Travel: Attend local/national trade shows if interested

Final Note

We really look forward to adding a few great members to our team!

Please note that this is not a good position for someone who wants to fade into the background of a large company or abuse the remote nature of the position by working for another business, working on personal projects, starting late or leaving early (without using PTO), or otherwise not working while being paid by the company.

This position is best for someone who enjoys working as a team and likes to end the day feeling they’ve accomplished something and their efforts were recognized and rewarded.

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