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Queryon 1 month ago

Executive Assistant

Americas · Full Time




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Now Hiring: Remote Executive Assistant
QueryOn is hiring remotely

Hello, I am seeking an Executive Assistant, reporting directly to me, Orion Matthews, Queryon CEO. Queryon is a small IT consulting company with a primary focus on data and information management for both private and non-profit businesses. I have two young children, a wife that works full time, and a growing business. I live in Eugene, Oregon. However, I travel much of the time for both business and family. I need to find someone that can help me manage my business and personal affairs. The primary goal of this position is to:

“Free up time and create meaningful interactions within my networks.”

Freeing my time means taking over duties that can be delegated, to help organize and coordinate my schedule (business meetings, personal appointments such as doctors/children’s school,) and to assist with emails and other interactions.

The second part of the goal, meaningful interactions, is helping me to be easily accessible and focused (via the absence of interruptions and appropriate preparation time for said interactions.) I want to project personal attention and mindfulness into all my networks, including family, employees, clients, friends, contacts, and vendors.

To me, meaningful interaction is responsive; it’s well written and helpful. It is someone that follows-up on emails and is easy to coordinate. A person who remembers what is going on in other people’s lives. Who sends thank-you cards, congrats cards when there are big life events, someone who finds a fun show to take his wife to or randomly gets her flowers. This position must look at my network and interactions from a perspective of adding joy and value.

The key duties below are a starting point of activities that would evolve or change over time as needed.

Key duties

Assist the CEO:

  • Calendar management across multiple calendars and accounts.
  • Pre-read and curate emails, LinkedIn messages, other message queues – prioritize, summarize, draft responses if possible, track responses needed.
  • Review and edit documents for grammar and spelling.
  • Help coordinate meetings, prepare agendas, assistant in meeting minutes and follow-ups.
  • Assistant in travel coordination (ticket purchase, agenda, using TripIt, etc.
  • Assist in voicemail/phone call curation.
  • Help posting documents to sites, manage accounts, other activities.
  • Identify and/or assist with any other tasks that can be done to free up time or increase meaningful interactions.

Assist with coordination of personal tasks:

  • Assist in booking reservations for travel.
  • Assist in coordinating cards (Holiday, birthday) for events of family, friends, key contacts.
  • Assist in activities and forms for kids. For example, research/sign up for summer camps, help with trip planning, book out campsites, etc.
  • Assist in coordinating home vendors.
  • Identify and/or assist with any other tasks that can be done to free up time or increase meaningful interactions.

Ideal candidate criteria

  • Align with our core values listed in our 2020 plan.
  • Experience with consulting business model.
  • Ability to work in a distributed team (remote working, work from home.)
  • Comfortable with the Microsoft suite (Office365, Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Prepared to be part of a small business that grows. Understand the rule of 3s and 10s and be prepared for the inevitable change growth brings.
  • Work in the U.S. timezone.
  • Pass a background check.


  • Health Insurance, dental, vision, 401k (US only).
  • Quarterly bonus based on company performance.
  • Flexible schedule arrangement (see note below).
  • Work from home/remote.

Please note: This position has a flexible schedule arrangement, alternate worksite/work from home, and flexible hours schedule (such as 4-10 hour days, etc.) The compensation is based on a 40-hour workweek for U.S. residents but other configurations negotiable.

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