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Bridge Legal 4 weeks ago

Marketing Analyst

Americas · Full Time

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Now Hiring: Remote Marketing Analyst
Bridge Legal is hiring remotely

We’re looking for an experienced Marketing Analyst to join our team!


Bridge Legal has a long track record of bringing innovations in technology and marketing to consumer law, a $50 Billion per year industry. We’re looking for an experienced Marketing Analyst to provide actionable intelligence as we accelerate into our next phase of rapid growth.


Our new Marketing Analyst will have ownership over:

  • Developing and executing bid optimization strategies that optimize our cost of acquisition while we increase the volume of new leads and clients
  • Discovering relationships between factors of successful clients and shaping our understanding of ideal targets for new clients
  • Developing a unified view of marketing-related data from disparate sources to drive actionable insights
  • Providing visibility into overall marketing performance to VP of Marketing, COO, and CEO
  • Implementing and maintaining reliable tracking for all of our marketing efforts


The ideal candidate for our Marketing Analyst:

  • Eats, sleeps and breathes data — They don’t just pull data and run reports, they absorb the dataset and enjoy figuring out the right questions to ask before digging in to find what the data has to say
  • Is self-directed at a task level — When provided with an outcome or goal, they’re able to determine the tasks that need to be completed to achieve the outcome
  • Is reliable and communicative — Consistently completes tasks on time and proactively provides updates on projects that are in-progress
  • Isn’t intimidated by unfamiliar technology — Can quickly absorb and navigate new software and platforms
  • Is resourceful — Understands that any task might present unexpected roadblocks and can skilfully and independently find solutions and workarounds, but is never afraid to ask for help whenever needed
  • Has related experience — Has a background in ping-post / dynamic bid marketing environments. This one isn’t essential, but would help accelerate the understanding of the role and the tasks at hand


  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • 401k

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