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Shilanski & Associates Inc

SAAI 7 months ago

Marketing Associate

Anywhere · Full Time

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Now Hiring: Remote Marketing Associate
Shilanski is hiring remotely!

Vomit. Does looking at proposals from ad agencies make you slightly nauseous?

When you review the same,

“SEO, Keyword effectiveness, social media management, search and display optimization and calibrated efficiency that promises to make your company the top ranked google site in the entire universe – unless it doesn’t because we have not checked the entire universe. Heck, we don’t even know if some planets are still on dial up but we are going to make this bold claim all the same because you can’t prove us wrong – we’ve seen your rocket ship, you are not getting off the ground anytime soon so we can keep using superlatives because we think you don’t know what they mean!”

Proposals on different, pretty templates are you wondering how these companies stay in business so long? Us too!

We need someone who “gets marketing”.

We think that these spin off ad agencies are missing the mark. They’re not connecting with people and talking about a moving, human experience. They’re not delivering messages that resonate to the very core of a person’s being because they see value and connect with the company.

We own 5 companies whose marketing needs are very similar though not the same. We are looking to hire a Marketing Manager to execute and manage the marketing strategy for these companies. This would be a singular person responsible for mapping out the client journey and developing content on how best to execute and reach our audiences.

You will work hand in hand with the co-CEO’s of the company who defined their career by being efficient, excellent at what they do and at the end of the day always genuine. Deadlines and adherence to policies and compliance are paramount.

They measure each contract and relationship by 5 rules

  • Be on time.
  • Do what you say you’re going to do.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be accountable. When you are wrong, admit it.
  • Always, say please and thank you.
  • This is how they will judge you and your work. If you are ready to conquer the world and help change people’s lives by delivering effective content – you know where to find us.

Oh wait, this is where to find us: www.shilanski.com

About Us/Who We Are

Link to the company site. www.shilanski.com, plan-your-federal-retirement.com, the-perfect-ria.com

Our company is in finance and we serve all kinds of customers. Our customers are both households looking for financial planning assistance as well as financial planners looking for back-office support solutions and continued coaching. We have 12 full-time employees, 8 contractors. The core team in Anchorage, Alaska and several remote locations throughout the US. The core of the team works M-F, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. AK Time. 18 weeks out of the year our financial planners are in their “surge” which means they are meeting with all financial planning clients during this time. Surge time is dedicated exclusively to the needs of our financial planning clients and – it is intense!

We started by teaching local Alaskans through a series of seminars entitled, “Strategies for Successful Money Management,” and “Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement” and, “Smart Women Finish Rich” and, “Bible-Based Money Management”.

We taught seminars through the community schools throughout the 1990s. Later we would begin to change the material for the classes and adjust to the demands of the “Roaring 2000’s”.

Today, we still teach classes throughout the United States but primarily in Anchorage, Alaska where we call home.

Our classes use a broad, generic approach to general subjects. What we discovered was that by the end of the class half of the room wanted a little more help.

That is when we began offering our one-on-one appointments for those who took the time to attend and complete our educational classes.

A Thriving Forest

In an economy when large retail companies generally consume small, family-owned businesses we are proud to say that Shilanski & Associates Inc., thrives.

  • We believe that the reason is self-evident… we have never forgotten where we come from.
  • We believe in serving humanity and helping people learn about money. By doing so it allows people to better plan for their present and future.
  • We understand family dynamics because…we are a family. We employ people who share our values and want to help others.
  • Our team goes above and beyond because to work within our organization is not a “job” but a commitment.
  • We are not the right firm for everyone but it is worth spending an hour with us to determine if we are right for you.

Now that you know why we do what we do, let’s discuss our philosophy and our process.

About the Role

This opportunity was created because we need someone capable of executing, on time, an integrated strategy of how 5 companies work harmoniously – feeding into one another.

The job is important because we are on a mission to conquer the world and change lives but to do this – we need people who understand our sincerity, adhere to living their lives with integrity and understand that marketing is not about “sales” but it is about delivering a message.

You’ll be working with Jamie and Micah Shilanski… lucky them!

You will need to understand marketing, analytics and have a strong background in SEO. They need not understand finance as we will help create those materials in particular. However, they must understand that given our highly regulated industry the person must adhere to compliance standards and not take any liberties. You will be responsible for marketing campaigns for our companies as well as analytics and reporting.

This is ideally a full-time role. Part-time if you are a highly motivated and efficient person.

You will be working on marketing campaigns that deliver emotional content. We have a valuable service, one that we know has the power to radically change an entire families outlook and abilities. We need a marketing person who understands that money is more about emotional than it is dollars and cents.

Who You Are

Our ideal candidate is someone who is efficient, innovative and above all else genuine. You must be accountable and do what you say that you are going to do on time. We are very focused and disciplined in what we do.

Our leadership team is always open to listening and hearing new ideas but we want those ideas to be supported and not just a “squirrel” to go and chase.

We work best with people who accept feedback and constructive criticism. Particularly in marketing, you have to have an artistic nature and you could find that you have spent hours creating something that when presented – we just don’t like or think misses the mark. It is not an assault on your abilities it is just style preferences. Sometimes we do not know exactly what we want but when you present we begin to see what we do not want; that is going to happen – we have to throw some paint on the wall and see where it lands and does not want any tears about it. We are all here to work together for the greater good.

For better or worse, we have knowledge in the areas of marketing and will measure results based on analytics. Meaning – if you are used to being able to “fluff” your way through with a client because they do not understand SEO, CTR other acronyms – you do not want to work with us, we will see through this dishonestly quickly and brutally.


You must have experience in marketing as well as in the following:

  • Client journey mapping,
  • Correspondence / Marketing,
  • Content writing,
  • Ad development,
  • SEO Strategies,
  • Search Ads,
  • Keyword Research,
  • Display and Retargeting Advertising,
  • Public Relations,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Reputation Management and
  • Adherence to compliance standards.

Tools we’ll be using: Google, social media, WordPress and Project Management, Digital Marketing / Graphics.

It would be nice if you have experience with Zoho as well as a strong background in digital aesthetics.

We do not care what time zone you are in but expect you to adjust to ours if we need to meet. This is primarily Alaska but can vary based on our travel.

Proficient in English to include a strong background in grammar and attention to detail. I often say that there is no better Editor than the one that I become after I have clicked “send”. I need a person who catches typos and mistakes before they happen.

Come work with us!

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