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Marketing Manager

Website Agency360

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  • ✈️ Travel Required ✈️
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  • 💡 4+ Years of Experience 💡
  • ⏲ Part-time or Full-time ⏲
  • 🚀 Opportunity for Growth 🚀

Now Hiring: Remote Marketing Manager
Agency360 is hiring remotely!


Agency360 is looking for a part-time or full time, remote-based, marketing manager who will serve a critical role in helping to expand our revenue. As a key member of our small startup, with the help of our domain knowledge, you’ll be expected to generate revenue by communicating Agency360 activities, expertise, and successful user stories to current customers, potential customers, and partners.

The position requires traveling to 5-10 industry trade shows a year. (Roughly 10-20% of your time.) This is a player/coach role where you will lead strategy development with our founder, and also be responsible for executing the strategy. As one of our first 10 hires at a fast-growing self-funded company, you’ll be doing important work and will have a strong voice in the overall vision and direction of company growth.


Key Responsibilities

  • Lead team collaboration in continually analyze market trends and competitive data
  • Assist in the design and delivery of engaging content for a quarterly client newsletter
  • Assist in the creation of client emails featuring software updates & new product launches
  • Develop value-added content for our website, email campaigns, and sales materials
  • Manage website makeover based on company strategy
  • Coordinate our trade show presence (Including travel arrangements, shipping, and booth materials, client events, team events, etc.)
  • Identify speaking opportunities for the founder to increase conference presence
  • Assist Sales with Conference Follow up
  • Increase and strengthen partnership with program materials
  • Refining and amplifying the company’s story and message
  • Be responsible for in-app communications
  • Enhance the user experience by creating and managing an “Agency360 Experts” user group
  • Ability to wear many hats including handling customer support and working leads through the sales process with an attention to user profiles

Our Ideal Candidate Will Have

  • 4+ years of experience in a B2B marketing or customer marketing role; technology or software/SaaS industry is preferred.
  • Ability to lead and execute effective cross-channel programs (digital, events, direct mail, email, webinars, etc.).
  • Ability to work with remote team members.
  • Able to easily shift between strategic thinking and smart execution
  • Attention to Detail
  • Strong Written Communication.
  • Desire to Master Your Skill
  • Passion for Creating a Great Experience for the Customer
  • Experience developing and executing marketing activities including: webinars, direct mails, meetings, newsletters, emails, and customer events

How will you know if you are doing a good job?

Your activities and insights increase the number of customer upgrades, improve customer retention, and increase qualified leads. Your interactions with the customer are positive and lead to the creation of referrals, testimonials, and other materials to assist in the sales process. You always create a great experience with prospects and customers, even if they don’t ultimately decide to buy from us. You’re having fun and enjoying the rewards that come with being an integral part of a mission-driven team.

Why Work for Us?

Serving a greater good

Do you want to help your community and have a positive impact on your public safety heroes? At Agency360 we deliver next-generation onboarding and evaluation software that helps local police officers, firefighters, EMTs, 911 dispatchers, jailers, and private security firms across the country. You will be helping your local department public safety employees!

Provide immediate value

Do you like thinking of something in the morning and executing on it in the afternoon? At a small company, you have the freedom to execute with limited bureaucracy and overhead.

Remote Work

Agency360 is composed of individuals from all different backgrounds and locations across the country. We have flexible work hours and work locations to help you perform at your best and help deliver an exceptional experience to our customers.

Fun Family-Friendly Culture

To celebrate a big win or accomplishment, you’ll find us going out to eat, trying out an “Escape Room” or TopGolf, or having all-inclusive (spouse and children) outings and adventures. Corny jokes and funny ice breakers often kick off our meetings with laughter that we share with our customers. Don’t be surprised to see a young child pop his/her head in during our team meeting video chats.

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