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Project Manager

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Now Hiring:
Organized, Savvy, and Ambitious Remote Project Manager

Hello Organized and Savvy applicants!

My name is Nate and I am looking for an Operations and Marketing PM to assist me with a variety of things in running my businesses. My main business is and I am also an investor/partner in a number of other businesses. I’m looking for someone to grow into a high level Project Management role that can oversee our Operations and Marketing initiatives.

For this role fit with me is crucial.

I am a big ENFP – and have lots of ideas and insight into the future business direction. But I need help on the details, execution and management to help us reach our goals.

Here is some more information about me which also reflects the culture and values of our organization:

Experience with ecommerce, marketing, project management a plus but not required.

Our team is entirely virtual and I travel a lot. So this is a flexible working role.

An ideal applicant will have skills/experience with the areas below

  • Operations experience
  • Marketing experience
  • Strong internet researcher
  • Fast learner
  • Project management experience
  • Detail oriented
  • Great communication
  • Hard working
  • Values delivering great work
  • High integrity
  • Takes initiative

Really ideally looking for an amazing person that can work with and grow with the business and help us reach our goals.

If you are interested, please apply!



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