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Project Manager

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Website KLIM Technologies

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Now Hiring: Remote Project Manager
KLIM Technologies is hiring remotely!

With over 1 million customers and brand lovers over the world, KLIM is on the look for a new PROJECT MANAGER to help us successfully bring new products to market.

The job in a nutshell

Last year we did not launch all the great products we wanted to bring to our customers.


Because we did not have the resources to drive the launch process internally.

For 2019, we want to change that. And this is where the Project Manager steps in, by:

  • Working closely with the CEO, who will select the products to be launched.
  • Creating a product launch process.
  • Following the said launch process.
  • Diligently and relentlessly following-up with colleagues, suppliers and other stakeholders to make sure things are done on time and within budget.
  • Proactively doing whatever is needed to move the tasks to be done from β€œin progress” to β€œdone”.
  • Improving the launch process as we discover flaws and errors.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Professional English
  • Project Management
  • Great communication and team work

These 3 are really the alpha and omega of this job. Communication and organisation will be absolute key so the Project Manager. MUST love both and be good at them.

  • Any other language a plus
  • Solid computer skills


  • Organised
    Project Manager MUST know how to make a plan.
  • Disciplined
    Project Manager MUST want to follow his own plan to the letter.
  • Attention to Detail
    Project Manager DOES NOT let tiny insignificant details pass by him. He DOES NOT forget things because he writes them down on his plan.
  • Patient and relentless
    Project Manager is a big boy/girl who DOES NOT get frustrated by things that do not progress as they should, DOES NOT get discouraged but DOES encourage and drive the team forward when everything seems lost.
  • Likes team work
    Project Manager is not a loner and loves nothing more than a team meeting to see where things are and drive progress. Project Manager will spend a lot of time talking to people, including in not so great English – so Project Manager must have a love for people relationship and communication in general.

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