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Wellness Medical Writer

Wellness Medical Writer 7 months ago

Virtual Assistant

AsiaEurope · Part Time




  • πŸ”‘ Report to CEO πŸ”‘
  • πŸ’₯ Work for a DCer πŸ’₯
  • πŸš€ High Growth Potential πŸš€
  • πŸ—Ί Eastern Europe or Asia πŸ—Ί

Now Hiring: Remote Virtual Assistant
Wellness Medical Writer is hiring remotely

About Wellness Medical Writer

Wellness Medical Writer is a scientific communications agency geared towards helping natural health businesses get their science right, remain compliant with the regulations, and communicate effectively with their prospective customers. We are a proponent of healthy diet and lifestyle as well as safe and effective natural remedies and medical devices. We believe that evidence-based practices and communication are key to perpetuating natural health. In addition, we do not only do the science, but we also walk the talk by living a healthy lifestyle and personally experiencing the benefits of natural health.

Our clients

  • Medical doctors
  • Functional medicine doctors and practitioners
  • Naturopathic doctors
  • Nutritionists
  • Chiropractors
  • Massage therapists
  • Osteopathic manual practitioners
  • Acupuncturists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Supplement manufacturers and vendors
  • Medical and innovative health devices manufacturer and vendors

Our services

  • Scientific content and copywriting for both expert and lay audience
  • Scientific appraisals of natural health products and healing modalities
  • Regulatory compliance in content and marketing communications
  • Medical science liaison for natural remedies and innovative health products

This is an exciting part-time virtual assistant role, with plenty of opportunities to work on exciting projects and learn new skills. You will grow with the company and potentially get promoted to other roles. This position is fully remote, so you can work from anywhere.

If you perform satisfactorily, this role will include one full week of paid vacation per 6 months.

Initial pay is $350/month, with lots of opportunity for promotion.

You will be working directly with the CEO – Nattha Wannissorn, PhD. Nattha is a scientist with a degree in molecular genetics. She is also a personal trainer and natural health practitioner. Her mission is to help grow the natural health industry through scientific integrity. In addition, she is a full-stack internet marketer specialized in email marketing and science-based copywriting.

Tasks involve

  • Formatting references for scientific articles
  • Managing client communications and invoices
  • Basic bookkeeping – maintaining expenses and payment sheets
  • Scheduling calls
  • Setting up and checking marketing funnels
  • Assist with hiring and human resources
  • Anything else we need doing

About you

  • Intelligent, love to learn new skills, great at problem-solving, and master technical skills fast
  • Don’t mind working from home alone, but are personable with colleagues and clients over Slack and video calls
  • Hardworking and okay with occasionally working very long hours around deadlines
  • Very detail-oriented and organized
  • Love to work with spreadsheets
  • Good communicator
  • Good written and spoken American English
  • Good with Google Suites, Microsoft Office, at least one project management tool
  • Good with computers and using different software
  • (Preferred) Interested in biomedical research and natural health

Learning and Growth Opportunities

  • Hands-on learning about digital marketing, content marketing, and SEO
  • Promotion to a managerial role

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