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Senior Project Manager

Website Engine Room


  • ✈️ Digital Nomad Friendly ✈️
  • 💲Competitive Salary and Perks💲
  • 🚀 High Growth Potential 🚀

About the Role

We are seeking an experienced project manager with a critical but pragmatic perspective on the role of data in social justice and advocacy. The candidate will join our Research, Engagement and Communities team and work primarily on an upcoming project on digital identity, with the possibility of managing more responsible data focused projects.

The project manager will work closely with the team on projects in the following areas:

  • Responsible data (RD): over the past 4 years we’ve supported organisations to take a rights-based approach to working with data, developing policies and working on implementing those policies across the organisation, considering the ethical, legal, privacy and security-related implications of using data in new and different ways. Past projects in this category include developing RD policies for organisations like the Open Tech Fund, or German organisation GIZ; or supporting Oxfam in considering what a responsible approach to using biometrics looks like.
  • Research and Engagement: we carry out research projects ourselves, and we also design projects to support in-country researchers to develop insights that are informed by social, cultural and technical factors. (Examples of these projects can be seen on this page:

Scope & Requirements

  • The regional lead position is full-time (5 days/40 hours per week) and remote.
  • The role is compensated competitively, based on experience and location.
  • The ideal candidate would be available to start immediately.
  • Fast, reliable internet is essential
  • Must be based between the time zones of GMT-6 and GMT+7

The Ideal Candidate

  • Is an experienced project manager, confident in managing complex budgets, and keeping track of various moving pieces in order to meet deadlines
  • Is comfortable meeting funders reporting needs for grants, such as carrying out grant reporting.
  • Has demonstrable interest in or experience working on topics related to responsible data, such as data ethics, privacy, data protection, or other related areas.
  • Has some level of interest in digital ID and the role that civil society can play in advocating for better digital ID systems
  • Is a ‘critical optimist’ about the role that data can play in strengthening social justice and advocacy work – able to see both the positive side, and the negative one, and use that critical approach to push for better practices
  • Has experience working with people from different countries and cultures
  • Has some level of experience in social justice and advocacy, particularly relating to technology/data in some way.
  • Is quick to learn, curious about different approaches, and comfortable admitting what they don’t know.
  • Has some level of experience working on research, which makes up a big portion of the projects that they will be working on.
  • Has some experience managing projects remotely