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Director of Accounts

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  • 💡 Mid-Level 💡
  • ✈️ Digital Nomad Friendly ✈️


We’re on a mission to make certain that the conversational AI revolution benefits everyone. Machines are increasingly awesome at understanding English, but what about the 5+ billion people who need to communicate in their native language?

Sinitic automates multilingual customer support with a vertically-integrated product suite and proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine for Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and other languages. Our core tech includes IP for mixed-language understanding and semi-supervised chat history structuring (we really love NLP). We’re a fast-growing SaaS business with great call center clients from the iGaming and RegTech industries.

How We Work 🎯🌏

Build fast with usage: We deploy functional product and iterate fast with real-time usage. With this approach, Sinitic rapidly implements cutting-edge NLP tech.

Lead first into frontiers: We target customer segments in underserved markets around the world. With this curiosity, Sinitic ventures first where others overlook.

Stay Hyper-Global: We’re a team with Ukrainian devs building Canadian software powered by Thai NLP for Swedish clients based in the Philippines.

Our Tech & Roadmap 🚘🗺️

The backbone of Sinitic consists of several python (micro) services communicating through a message queue server. Our clients have call centers with 24/7 operations, therefore testing and high-availability are critical to us. We are currently hosted on a multi-region GCP infrastructure and rely heavily on Kubernetes and Google Cloud SQL (Postgres) to achieve high levels of stability and performance.

The heart of Sinitic is driven by our passion to ensure that the conversational AI revolution benefits everyone from all corners of the Earth. To do this, we’re building automation products that go after every mundane task in the customer support domain: livechat, ticketing, chatbot training, upselling, scheduling, and more.

Do Your Best Work, From Anywhere 🌴☕

As a remote-first company, our top priority is to implement new ways of enabling your maximum productivity, happiness, and contributions to the team. To accomplish this, we receive incredible support from the Creative Destruction Lab, Next Canada, Ontario Centers of Excellence, the National Research Council of Canada and GCI Ventures. We’re building a team of ambitious, global-minded, can-do winners who want to absolutely succeed over the next years. Together, we’re doing the finest work of our lives.

About The Role 🛠️🛠️

The Director of Accounts leads a multinational team with personnel interchanging between two broad roles: account executives (who discover new business) and account managers (who implement and grow existing business). Sinitic is a scaling startup focused on niche industries where personal, cross-cultural relationships are crucial to growing revenue. As such, the Accounts department is structured to compete assymetrically with no pronouced division between pre/post sales, and instead applies the most suited team member(s) to accounts in order to build excellent relationships across all cultures and languages. At its core, this role is about strategically multiplying the department’s human resources in order to punch above its weight globally, and win then grow key accounts. This role is not about quotas, hard-pitching, and the linear processes of traditional software sales departments.

About You 🧕👩👨🏿

  • General Experience: 10+ years in business development and key account management for software development firms.
  • Industry Experience: Extensive knowledge of the iGaming industry with relationships spanning Philippines, Malta, Gibraltar, UK, and/or Cost Rica.
  • Assymetric Thinker: Ability to adopt prinicples of “force multiplication” to compete globally with minimal resources.
  • Team Leader: Support a distributed team of account executives and managers from prospecting to upselling.
  • People Developer: Effective at developing your team members’ sales and implementation skills so they are comfortable interchanging between roles as required.
  • Product Expert: Demonstrate natural ability to understand and present a complex B2B SaaS product suite.
  • Great Listener: Act as the “voice of the clients” in all management and product meetings.
  • Relationship Builder: Go the extra mile to build lasting relationships with potential and existing clients.
  • Flair for Marketing: Identify case studies and competitive advantages to pass onto the marketing team.
  • Truly Global: Personify the company’s global mission with a progressive and multicultural background.
  • Cool Cookie: This is a startup. We plan ahead but must be nimble and fast to adapt. If we asked your friends, they would say you’re the calmest person they know in tough situations.

Nice To Haves (But Not Dealbreakers) 🌟🌟🌟

  • Knowledge of iGaming contact center operations
  • Multilingual

Compensation & Benefits 🐶🦷👶

  • Above market salary
  • Competitive commission
  • 20 vacation days

Sinitic is committed to equality of opportunity for all team members. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply irrespective of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship or migrant status, pregnancy or maternity, race or religion. We value diversity in our lives and business.

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