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Director of Learning

Website The Work From Anywhere Accelerator™

DC MEMBER The Dynamite Circle (the DC) is an exclusive community of more than 1,200 established entrepreneurs.


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  • ✈️ Digital Nomad Friendly ✈️

This is an independent contractor position, and you can work from anywhere on your own schedule. There will be a 8-week trial period at the conclusion of which, we will both evaluate the fit of the position and decide if we would like to keep going.

This is a part-time position to start and has  the opportunity to transition to full time after the 8 weeks

Mission: To provide the absolute best experience in the world in digital marketing education, specifically helping someone new to digital marketing get their first paying client, successfully produce results for their clients, then leverage those result in order to get more clients.

Note that I did not say second best, or third best, but the best student experience in the world.

That means, it has to be engaging, fun, status raising and interesting to get results. It’s not enough that our material works, our students have to LOVE the experience itself, enough that they stick with it, refer it to their friends, and assume a new identity for themselves.

If you don’t want to be the best in the world, and pioneer new and innovative programs in the digital marketing space, this is not the position for you.

About the Role

You will OWN the entire ongoing course production and improvement process for ChristianMartin.Org and The Work From Anywhere Accelerator™. We’re going to make it so simple, fun and easy to understand that a grade school student can hypothetically get results with the program. (note, we work with aspiring marketers and world travelers and teach them how to start and grow a “work from anywhere” advertising agency)

The goal is to engage, entertain and educate our core market with the intent to:

  1. Teach digital marketing 101 so that the student understands basic terms and concepts, and can communicate them to others
  2. Take someone from brand new to getting their first client
  3. Teach someone to leverage their first client in to a full time business where they can work from anywhere
  4. Teach the skills of copywriting, sales, client service, lead generation, FB and IG ads, funnel strategy and business building
  5. Continually simplify the learning process, while increasing effectiveness
  6. Make the entire experience entertaining, fun and engaging from start to finish
  7. Form partnerships with new teachers to bring on guest lecturers and content including outreach
  8. Interview the students weekly for content and research

(We already have this full process in place, but we are continually trying to simplify, improve and increase effectiveness and results)


  • Conduct, record and summarize customer interviews with current program members, prospective members and the cold market
  • Interview purchases of our competitor’s products about their experience and what they would like to see done differently
  • Develop one-on-one coaching curriculum based on current program
  • Update out of date trainings as needed
  • Record FAQ in slideshow format
  • Develop and record new trainings
  • Develop new program features, retention strategies
  • Take ownership of customer success based on the system
  • Turn Christian’s strategies in to slideshows, trainings, record trainings
  • Edit live trainings, webinars etc…  and turn them into trainings in the members area
  • Research new tactics, strategies, workflows, standard operating procedures, partners etc…
  • Break down coursework to “first principles ’ and create new material from the ground up
  • Develop and launch The Work From Anywhere Accelerator™ 2.0
  • Work side by side with Christian on our new program “Blockbuster Courses”
  • The 100 Funnel Project – “funnel hack” 100 funnels and break down strategy for students
  • Develop a White Label partnership and training for students
  • Create a product roadmap to prioritize new features, updates etc..
  • Make it more fun, entertaining and easy to succeed for first time marketers
  • Make it fun to be a part of the program even after you’ve had massive success

▶ Create standard operating procedures (SOP) around all recurring tasks

▶ Attend mandatory weekly team meetings, you will run  the meetings sometimes



  • You Will be Accountable For Consistently Raising Success rates
    • How many people got their first trial client
    • How many people got their first paying client
    • How many people went full time on their business
    • How many people are posting success in the group each week?
      • A rising tide lifts all boats. The more visible success is, the higher the confidence levels of students, the more students will succeed
    • Refund rates
    • Drop off/inactivity rates


  • Develop a long term curriculum strategic plan
    • Coach me to improve as a presenter and content creator
    • Honest feedback is expected and appreciated


  • Create proprietary teaching concepts  (ex. The “flywheel” and “doomwheel” or “The 20 mile march” from the book “Good to Great.”)
  • Create SOPs around weekly and daily tasks


  • You are systems oriented, and can create and document a standardized process around content creation
  • Experience in business development, sales, lead generation, cold email, Facebook and IG ads and content creation is a plus
  • Excellent at creating written documentation, standard operating procedures, course curriculums, outlines and course content
  • Understanding of “first principles” and how they apply to product development
  • The ability to use similes, metaphors and stories effectively to teach a tactic or strategy
  • You should have a sense of humor and enjoy creativity
  • We need our trainings to have humor, memorable stories/examples/analogies and be not only educational but entertaining
  • You should enjoy teaching both pre-recorded and live
  • You should be a perpetual student of sales, prospecting, business development, digital marketing,
  • You should have experience with Clickfunnels, and be comfortable updating the member’s area
  • An unrelenting drive to create a program that is new, different and unique from anything else in the marketplace
  • All content, trainings, recordings and concepts developed on the job will be solely owned by The Martin Group LLC and ChristianMartin.Org in perpetuity.
  • IMPORTANT: You are a self starter who is experienced with remote work life, who doesn’t need to be micromanaged, hand held, or supervised in order to get your work done. You should have the desire to own your process and make it uniquely yours

This job description is NOT all inclusive and certain activities, duties and responsibilities not listed may be required of the independent contractor.


1. You will  learn a ton working hands on with a fast growing company

2. Exercise your unique creativity, vision and viewpoint

3. Work directly with students to get them results and change their lives for the better

4. You’ll get mentorship from me and free access to any future high-level trainings (become a marketing ninja)

5. Room for growth and additional hours in the future

5. It’s a paid position

6. Work from anywhere, of course!

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