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Marketing Manager

Website Thrive Themes

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Why we are hiring

Next month it’s finally happening… Launch time!

You know the sales target you’re supposed to hit, but you’re planning on crushing it.

First off: Brainstorming. With the whole marketing team, you carve out time to come up with innovative ideas on how to make this launch the best launch yet.

You analyze the different ideas & strategies, compare costs, probability of success and difficult to implement. This gives you a solid idea of which launch strategy is most likely to bring in the best ROI.

Now it’s time to get specific.

Everybody on the team needs to know exactly what has to happen by when and the other departments have to be informed of the plan. For this launch to succeed you’ll need a well-oiled machine.

24h before launch, you’re double checking if everything is working and are getting beyond excited.

48h in the launch. The first days didn’t yield the results expected. You know that if you don’t course correct, you won’t hit the target… No time to panic, time to act!

With the entire team you start analyzing: Did the ads work as well as expected? What about the email open rates? And click through rates? Does the launch video get views? Is the site loading slow? Was there an important public holiday we forgot about? Did we get enough affiliates on board? Is the upsell working? …

You leave no stone unturned until you find a possible reason and a few things to try to get the launch back on track.

7 Days later, the final results are in. The launch was a success. You’re proud of what the team accomplished and organize a “celebrate + improve” meeting to congratulate everyone for doing a great job and to see what could be done better next time around.

Are you reading this and thinking… “Fuck YES, that’s what I want to be doing!”

Then you might be the marketing manager we are looking for!

About the Role

We’re hiring a full-time Marketing Manager who can lead our marketing department.

You’ll be in charge of the overall marketing strategy for Thrive Themes. Together with our team of bad-ass marketers – who all have a specific area of expertise such as paid advertising, content marketing, copywriting, video marketing, SEO and affiliate marketing – you’ll find creative ways to promote our products, help our customers and meet the company targets.

Who You Are

  • You are a real online marketing nerd with experience. You read about online marketing, talk about online marketing and believe funnels are the most exciting thing since sliced bread (or maybe second best after A/B testing sales pages).
  • You know how to create a strategy that gets results. Because you are knowledgeable in every aspect of online marketing such as SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, evergreen funnels, and onboarding sequences just to name a few, you can see the bigger picture of what has to happen to attract, convert and keep our ideal customer happy.
  • You understand how to take a strategy and make it actionable so that the whole team can get on board and knows exactly what needs to be implemented.
  • You know your numbers. You’re comfortable with calculating how much a new campaign would cost, what the potential ROI would be and you know how to measure if it’s working (or not).
  • You are hands on. Yes, theory and strategy is important but getting things done even more so, that’s why you’re not afraid of writing a blog post, creating onboarding emails or starting an A/B test yourself.
  • You are excited about helping your team grow their skills. As the marketing manager, you are only as good as your team. Helping them improve is one of your top priorities and will help you do a better job. This means that you’re not micromanaging the team but assist them to allow them to do their very best job.
  • You are a good communicator. As a manager, you’ll assist in manager meetings to inform and collaborate with the other departments.
  • You are familiar with Thrive Themes, our teaching style, and our products.


  • A passion for online marketing
  • Solid experience as an online marketer
  • Experience developing a cross-channel marketing strategy
  • Perfect spoken and written English
  • Good knowledge of WordPress (you’ve already built a WordPress website, published posts, installed plugins, etc.) and a big plus if you know how to use our products.
  • Available during Central European Times
  • Some management experience
  • A real drive to help others improve their skills

what’s in it for you:

  • You’ll have extreme freedom to come up and execute on new marketing ideas.
  • You’ll be managing an amazing team of 7 remote digital marketing geeks.
  • You’ll join us on our marketing retreat in September.
  • You can work from home or from our office in Cluj, Romania.
  • You’ll never be bored, pinky promise! We constantly develop new features, plugins, courses,… Which means you’ll always have exciting stuff to market.
  • You’ll promote products you can be proud of.
  • You’ll work closely with Hanne (former marketing manager), she’s there to help you ramp up which makes this an ideal opportunity even for less experienced managers.