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eCommerce Marketer and Growth Hacker

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Website Trafilea


  • 💡 Mid-Level 💡
  • 👪 Family-Friendly 👪
  • ✈️ Digital Nomad Friendly ✈️

Up for the challenge of changing entire billion dollar industries through a radical approach to building and scaling transformative brands?

We are on the hunt for talented, high octane individuals who love surpassing lofty revenue goals as much as we do.

A hungry learner with a hacker’s mindset who knows that leveraging emotion and connection is the secret to driving sales on a human scale.

Someone who lives and breathes metrics… eats KPIs for breakfast… and thrives in a fast-paced environment working remotely with a dynamic, energetic and fun-loving global team.

And if you are a passionate problem solver who loves to break stuff, fix it, and ship products customers love… then keep reading.  This could be the kick-ass challenge of a lifetime you’ve been waiting for.

The role… your opportunity

We will level up and skyrocket your skills, identify your main interests and find the right fit and opportunity on any of these teams:

  • Facebook media buying: learning how we manage $100,000+/day budgets, in a profitable way
  • Adwords & Youtube: building our presence with a 5 figure daily investment
  • Email: balancing the communication to over 1 million customers between sales and meaningful content
  • Growth: CRO experiments, working side by side with teams to improve each contact point of the customer journey. With millions of visitors a month, data won’t be a problem.
  • Amazon: manage the strategy of an entire marketplace while taking advantage of his growing advertising platform
  • SEO: because the best brands dominate their SERPs

About Trafilea

We’re a Data-Driven fast-growing global e-commerce company. We create and expand brands worldwide, laser-focused in performance marketing and online direct to consumer strategies.

We believe in moving fast while being smart. Our last brand launched in 2018 went from 0 to $50 million in 10 months while being profitable from day 1 with no external funding. We didn’t achieve this only by fixating on the bottom line.

Our mission has always been about stirring emotions and changing lives. And that doesn’t stop at our customers.

We have an international team hand selected from 4 continents and we are looking for a data-driven, hands-on passionate about marketing to help us keep on changing people’s lives while growing the company exponentially.

How You Are

  • AMBITIOUS: You embrace challenges and love, love, LOVE to grow.
  • CREATIVE: You invent new ways to drive profit and automate the process
  • RESOURCEFUL: You’re self-driven and ambitious. We’re not here to micromanage.
  • PASSIONATE: You love what you do and you’re a lifelong learner
  • ANALYTICAL: enjoying the analyzing the results of your ideas and using them to move indicators

We are looking for someone who loves to make things happen, who works well in a team, but can also work autonomously, set goals, and achieve them.

Training with us will be like putting your marketing and analytical skills on steroids (minus the nasty side effects). We move fast, but fear not,  you won’t be in over your head.

Supported every step of the way by teams that align with your unique skill set and personality.

A day in the life

  • In-depth research and understanding of customer avatar needs and behaviors
  • Research and planning of ideas that can multiply revenue and results
  • Problem-solving tackling challenges on a campaign, processes and team level that will show up while growing and moving at a fast pace
  • Gather and analyze data from millions of visitors and 100k+ new customers a month. Taking this data to identify patterns, behaviors and proactively apply them to increase our main KPIs.
  • Develop creative strategies using psychology and marketing skills to drive sales in a fast and effective way. Aim for a maximum of 2 weeks between presenting an idea and seeing its final execution.
  • Brainstorm with the acquisition, creative, and video teams to come up with angles that will be profitable at scale receiving hundreds of millions of impressions.
  • Share ideas and provide feedback for photo and video production executed by our own studios to change concept into real outcomes.
  • Planning and delivering successful strategies to maximize the results on the main contact points of the customer journey

What you need

In order to take this challenge you will need to have the following in your artillery:

  • At least 4 years of experience in online marketing activities. E-commerce, affiliate, high- performance agency (or in-house) work.
  • Great abilities for data analysis and the ability to apply it effectively to real situations
  • Passion for learning about marketing, psychology, sales, and copywriting.
  • Love for building customer-centric organizations, and can inspire and motivate a team to guide a client through this process.
  • Collaboration skills to work across multiple teams and build alignment.

Will be valued

  • Copywriting background and skills
  • Analytical background such as courses, studies or certificates
  • Prior experience in performance marketing generating proven results with companies
  • Prior advanced experience in media buying, CRM or growth activities (CRO)

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of working with us

Live Where You Want
As a globally distributed team, you can live and work wherever you want.  Take Vacation (Seriously). Yes, we’re growing and need your undivided attention, but we encourage you to take a vacation! It’s important to rejuvenate, energize, and pursue your passions outside of work.

Up Your Game
We love to see our people growing fast. We budget for it! Think courses, conferences, events… it’s really up to you and your manager.

Personal…professional… career… you name it! Be ready to skyrocket.

What to Expect
Full time job with flexibility on the schedule.

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