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Video & Social Content Marketer

Website Thrive Themes

DC MEMBER The Dynamite Circle (the DC) is an exclusive community of more than 1,200 established entrepreneurs.


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This is an offering for a unique apprenticeship and work opportunity, in which you will work for and directly with Shane Melaugh, the founder of Thrive Themes and ActiveGrowth.

Thrive Themes is one of Shane’s companies you will be working with.

The Video & Social Content Marketer (VSCM) is a hybrid role that was designed by Shane and based on emerging changes in online marketing, social media and filmmaking. The ideal candidate would be someone who is comfortable relocating, traveling, can do excellent creative video work and also has an understanding of the marketing aspect.

This opportunity will require the successful applicant to relocate this January to Bali and travel throughout 2019. The VSCM will start as a 3-month trial period. Shane’s companies are unconventional in certain ways such as having no investors, there is a strong focus on the skill development of the team members, they are always experimenting with unusual ways of doing things (like the apprenticeships and this position).

The successful applicant will be working directly with Shane and will have the opportunity to be mentored and learn from him each day on the job.

The Creative + Social Marketing Hybrid

The responsibilities of the VSCM role fall into two broad categories:

  1. Filmmaking & photography.
  2. Social media posting & communication.

At first glance, these might seem unrelated, but in the context of this role, they are actually inseparable.

To explain this role, let’s start by thinking of an individual content creator who is a vlogger or video essayist. There are many solo creators on YouTube, who fit this description. In order to be successful, this individual needs to be concerned with two things: creating their video content and spreading their video content to as many people as possible.

To do this, they occupy this creative/marketing space: they create their videos and then post on social media and other channels. They also need to create additional content for those channels. For example, image posts and short videos for Instagram and short text updates for Twitter.

In addition, they communicate with their audience on these channels. Much of the content they create is informed by the communication they have with their audience.

This is something that individual creators can use to great advantage, much better than large brands. Because it’s the same person doing the social media work, communicating with the fans and creating the content, everything they do is much more in tune than a large brand where the social media team isn’t even in the same building as the creative team.

ActiveGrowth is another of Shane’s companies.

The VSCM role brings this kind of work into the context of a (slightly) larger business. Instead of a sole creator doing all the creative work and also having to handle all other aspects of the business, the VSCM focuses full on supporting Shane in the filmmaking and social media aspects of the role, while all other areas of the business are taken care of by other team members.

Removing Friction While Increasing Quality

An important goal in this role is to remove friction from the content creation process. To explain, here’s a before-and-after scenario:

Before: No VSCM

Shane has an idea which could be useful for his audience to hear about. He makes some notes for later. Later in the day, it takes 20 minutes or so to set up lighting and camera and start recording. He records a short video with a single camera, single angle etc. It turns into a short, simple and unremarkable video. It’s posted to YouTube, a few fans watch it and find it useful, but it basically doesn’t do much.

After: VSCM in Action

Shane has an idea which could be good for a short video. He has a quick conversation with the VSCM about it and gets some feedback from the VSCM. Together, they plan out an effective way to bring this message across. The VSCM sets up and plans the shoot. This could range from a simple setup, to planning a shoot in multiple locations. Because Shane doesn’t have to
be involved in this process, it’s fine if the setup takes a bit longer. Maybe it’s also a case of just whipping out a camera and starting to shoot right away. In either case, Shane’s time is not taken up by this process. The video is recorded and the quality is higher right away because the VSCM is a competent filmmaker. Maybe we’ve got multiple angles, better lighting etc. The video is then edited, intercut with some b-roll, music and titles are added. The resulting video is much more engaging and impactful, because of how it was shot and edited. Finally, the VSCM also extracts some quotes and clips from the video and queues up various social media posts. As a result, far more people see the video, far more people benefit from it and it creates new fans.

Work & Travel

A unique aspect of this role is that starting in January 2019 the VSCM needs to be on location with Shane in Bali. This means working in close proximity with Shane and getting coaching and mentorship in aspects of business and marketing. It also means traveling for work. Over the course of a year (starting in January 2019), expect to spend time in our semi-fixed locations in Bali, Cluj, and Romania. We will also be traveling to Thailand, Switzerland and possibly up to half a dozen other countries, depending on what events come up.

It is expected that applicants to the position are willing to work and travel like this for 1 year, which includes 4 weeks of paid leave.


The VSCM role comes with the following responsibilities and areas of ownership:


  • Film making
    • Setting up lighting, audio and camera equipment.
    • Recording and editing video content.
    • Planning shoots, finding locations and organizing video shoots for multi-location content.
    • Recording b-roll, planning what b-roll is needed for which content pieces.
  • Photography
    • Taking photographs that can be used for social content and branding (you can think of this as “b-roll photography”).
    • Setting up photoshoots for specific social media campaigns or other marketing needs.
    • Editing and publishing photos


  • Social media posting
    • Using Buffer, Hootsuite or a similar social media management tool to ensure a steady stream of varied social media content, optimized for every channel we use.
    • Extracting social media content from video, podcast and written content we create. E.g. extracting quotes and creating quote images, creating short clips with subtitles.
    • Posting content meant for engagement like questions, polls, quizzes.
  • Communicating with fans
    • Replying to questions and comments on social media.
    • Creating concepts for new content, based on questions and comments coming from the fans.

We’re not a typical company where the focus is just on maximizing profits. The goal of the business is to create great things and to improve the lives of our team members and our customers. – Shane Melaugh


The engagement starts with a 3-month trial and apprenticeship period. During this time, the pay is $1,000/month, plus travel and accommodation covered.

If you are selected to continue the work after the trial period, the pay increases to $1,800/month, plus travel and accommodation covered.

We are looking for an extraordinary performer for this role. If you are an extraordinary performer in the role of VSCM and you enable us to create more content and courses that bring in revenue for the business, you will see your compensation increase accordingly.

Progression Goals – Skills & Growth

The VSCM role is as much about growing your skill set as it is about about shipping creative work and social media content.


There is a trial period of 4 weeks for the role, followed by a deep assessment period of 8 weeks. During the trial period, work and training are highly structured. If completed successfully, the deep assessment period serves to test if the learned skills can be applied and further expanded without much hand-holding and direction needed.

Onboarding Week 1

  • Record short video, edit, review, finalize.
  • Set up accounts & access for social channels, YT account etc.
  • Learn about the business, goals and content.
  • First photo-shoot.
  • Create social media content:
    • Short clip
    • Quote image
    • Image only (with written caption/content)
    • Text only
    • Review and publish/queue content

Onboarding Week 2

  • Record multi-cam, multi location video
  • Edit, review, finalize
  • Prepare templates for social content.
  • Extract social content, review, queue
  • Plan series of social media posts.
  • More learning about the brand and audience.

Onboarding Week 3

  • Goal: publish multi-cam multi location video with b-roll and music.
  • Goal: regular social media posts scheduled across the week.

Progression Goals

  • Level 1: Video & Social Content Trainee
    • Follow a process
    • Create content that’s already defined and planned
    • Extract social content, get it reviewed and approved
    • Reactive communication on social
  • Level 2: Video & Social Content Assistant
    • Trial period over
    • Can go from video recording to edited video + social content without assistance on the steps in between.
    • Expert use of all the technical equipment: cameras, lights, editing software etc.
    • System for logistics (gear, transportation of gear, memory cards, hard drives, files, edits, review versions, publishing etc.)
    • Proactive communication on social. Makes suggestions for polls, questions, content.
    • Create your own monthly, weekly and daily goals.
  • Level 3: Video & Social Content Marketer
    • Suggests content ideas.
    • Plan multi-location, multi-day shoots.
    • Include storytelling, loops that go across multiple episodes.
    • Extensive and expert use of music, sound effects and b-roll.
    • Can coordinate with other roles if needed.
    • Proactive social posting, no oversight or review needed.
  • Level 4: Video & Social Content Manager
    • Can train others in the role.
    • Can coordinate a team of creators.
    • Deep mastery of filmmaking and storytelling.

Skill Development & Deliberate Practice

Because skill growth is an important part of this role, deliberate practice is part of the daily work process for the VSCM role. In this role, you can expect to be challenged and you will receive support and mentorship by Shane along the way.

One of the goals of this engagement is that you become a highly skilled video creator and increase your knowledge and skills in online marketing as well.

An aspect of learning, research and practice is part of your work day in this role. At later levels, it’s expected that you create your own deliberate practice exercises and goals. Some goals and exercises to start out with:

  • Daily tutorials: once a day, watch a tutorial about editing, sound design or some other filmmaking skill and apply it to one of our projects.
  • Lighting: spend the deliberate practice time setting up as many different lighting setups as possible. The goal here is not to use each lighting setup for a shoot, but to build up a repertoire of lighting styles and become highly proficient in the use of lighting tools.
  • Graphic design: learn typography, coloring and other graphic design skills and apply them to our project or social media content.
  • Social media: study the most successful brands and personalities, learn what they do for organic social reach and apply one thing to our own campaigns.