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WordPress Pro (Live and work on a tropical island)


This Position is specifically designed for someone entrepreneurial, who needs time and an absence of distractions to start or grow their own business – RUNWAY

If this opportunity is not for you, then maybe you know someone, inside or outside the DC, that would be a good fit.

It is also the not the first time we have offered this opportunity. Variations of this position have been featured on the TMBA podcast at various times over the last decade.

Badladz is a beachside resort on a tropical island in the Philippines.

Here’s a video we just did of the resort

On the Beach with a Pool

What’s the opportunity?

We’re looking for a Webmaster to help us maintain / expand our Website and Marketing needs.

Our last webmaster recently moved on to focus on his new business full-time after almost 2 years of working with us. Watch this video to hear what he had to say about his experience working with the team.

That’s not unique for someone in this role. Most of the people who have held this role have gone on to build healthy and thriving businesses. You can watch this video below from someone who had this job a few years ago and read what a few more had to say in this TMBA post.

This opportunity is ideal for someone who wants to be a digital nomad or has a small side hustle that they are looking to take full-time as you’ll have LOTS of free time to focus on building your business.

What’s a typical day or week like?

We’re looking for someone to work about 3 hours a day (ideally 9am – 12pm) Monday through Saturday.

Here’s some of the responsibilities you may be working on:

  • Troubleshooting issues and making repairs to the website. We use WordPress.
  • Managing and updating modems, routers and software for our resort applications.
  • Updating the design and security for our website.
  • Writing good longform content that focuses on adding more backlinks for the site.
  • Developing our social media, content marketing and YouTube presence.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be doing all this alone. We have a full time webmaster to help & that you can learn from you.

What skills do you need to be successful?

  • Research oriented – If you do not possess any of these skills, you must be willing to learn them.
  • Experience designing and maintaining WordPress Websites.
  • Some IT Skills – Modems, Routers, Internet user software
  • SEO
  • If you possess any of these additional skills, that would be ideal:
    • Social media marketing chops
    • Experience with photography and video editing
    • Web Analytics

What’s in it for you?

The benefits for this position are sweet, but they aren’t traditional and it is really meant for someone who is a digital nomad or wants to become one.

For starters, this hire must be willing to move to, live and work at the Badladz Resort in Puerto Galera, Philippines for a minimum of 6 months. Others have extended their positions for longer. One recently for almost 2 years

In exchange, you’ll receive the following perks:

  • Free rent– you’ll receive a fully-equipped, air-conditioned studio apartment. The Apartment is 100 meters from the office which is on the Beach with a Pool.
  • Apartment cleaning every 3 days.Sheets & Towels included
  • Personal Laundry done every 3 days.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day ordered from our International Menu. See the BADLADZ Restaurant Menu here.
  • Beachfront living – you’ll live on a tropical island in the South Pacific
  • Plenty of free time to work on launching and building your own business


  • This person must be willing to move to the Philippines for the next 6 months.
  • You’ll fly into Manila.
  • You’ll receive a FREE 30 day visa on arrival in the Philippines. This visa can be extended for up to 3 years without leaving the country. The local Immigration office for renewing your visa is walking distance from the Apartment (~15 minutes).
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