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Operations Manager/Right Hand (Amazon FBA Store)

Your Healthy Pet

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This business has been selling wholesale pet supplies and several private-labeled brands on Amazon for almost four years. Currently, it’s just the owner and a bunch of software working to get awesome products into the hands of animal loving customers. The owner is looking for an operations manager to join the team of this large eCommerce business.

The Opportunity

With the business growing steadily into the mid-7 figure revenue range, it has become more than the owner can handle alone. He wants a right-hand person to come aboard and handle the operations side of things so he can focus on strategic activity to further grow the company.

The sales are currently 99% Amazon FBA, selling about 1000 active SKUs. There are also two Shopify stores for the private-label brands, but the owner has not focused on growing these at all.

About the Role

As the Operations Manager and right hand, you’ll be helping the owner primarily with inventory management. You’ll be using various tools (including Feedvisor) to see what’s running out of stock and figure out when and how much more of the products to order from a variety of manufacturers and distributors. You’ll also be contacting the 3rd party fulfillment warehouses, who receive shipments and then ship the products into Amazon’s warehouse system. Ideally, you will also be able to assist in identifying new products to source and sell, as well as helping manage the advertising campaigns on Amazon. You would also assist with increasing sales on the Shopify stores.

Who You Are

  • The owner is looking for a person with experience working in a large Amazon Seller Central account for general maintenance tasks, advertising, and customer service.
  • The ideal candidate would be motivated, strategic and forward-thinking and would help to identify growth opportunities for new products or brands that the owner could start selling.
  • He or she would be logical and effectively systemize the processes – taking the knowledge from the owner’s head and turning it into a scalable workflow that could form the foundation as the business continues to grow.
  • This is a big role and the owner is open to hiring a couple of virtual assistants to form an operations team, which you would then manage.
  • The owner is a hands-off manager and would like to stay hands-off once you learn the role. This position is for someone who can work independently and understand their role without a lot of regular oversight. The hours are flexible.


  • Amazon Seller Central
  • Experience managing a large number of products
  • Experience with the wholesale model of purchasing from other manufacturers and distributors

What’s in it for you?

In this position, as the right-hand to the owner, you’ll have the opportunity to learn everything he knows. You will have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, as long as you’re available to email during at least some U.S. business hours. You’ll receive a competitive salary ($50k – $100k, based on experience,) and the owner is interested in offering performance-based bonuses based on growth in revenues and profitability of the business.